Friday, 19 June 2009

I am aware, very aware

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It is Dyslexia Awareness week. Actuallly it was only a year ago that I, on a day like this,would dive in my pen and throw out all my knowledge (actual, theoretical and whatever) on paper with great passion. This was “normal" for me since 7 years ago. Than I first found out in a horrible way that my son was Dyslexic and dyspraxic, realised my husband was dyslexic, me very dyspraxic etc . Ah well a whole family of.........and ah well mucho problemos signores and signoritas I also Realised now what made me kinda going wrong in my life and went through the whole thing of broken-dreams-and-why-me syndrome dadidadida. So I took the steering wheel and drove the road of knowledge, went to experts, read heaps of books, was in committees, fought with the education system (sorry guys for the blue patches and black eyes) went with my broken-dreams-and why-me syndrome to someone to help me ( and wish I had a problem with it again to repeat that part) wrote articles and than......... Eh my kids grew up and took over the steering wheel They Don’t want to be saved anymore by mum I just sit kind of next to them, next to the drivers seat and scream oooh, aah, watch out, stop Problems are stil there but I only watch and try to keep them on the road. Not bad I’ve kind of time now to look around and see that there is more to see. Now I stepped back I see that they are complete people with not only LD but with a life and interest in art, psychology photography. Yes I am still aware of this awareness week but it is somehow not that important anymore I know that one day I won’t be in that car at all anymore The kids will be driving through life without me and than............................I don’t know. Have to find a new passion, a new life But didn't I found one already Blogging. Me, the one who has dysnomia, which is like (sing it with me) "Words don't come easy to me" started to write poems. Ha and I love it. Paper is patient and I am getting more comfortable in talking to you. You the people who's words flow, including the ones out there, who bulldozed over mine when I tried to get a few out myself,Huh. Ooops sorry but that felt good. Anyway I am starting to get comfortable to get my word out now, so in KB's words "Be Afraid, Be Very afraid" But not for a week because than I won't be here in my Blog. But eh now that I am talking about it here still a song to support dyslexia awareness week


  1. I began to read this post, I thought to myself, how creative you were with written language. Each time I have come to your blog I have been blessed by your words. I am under the understanding that each person has their own imperfect area to deal with. No matter where I go or who I am with, I am aware that we are all just different and that is not a bad thing it is a good thing:)

    Oh how I can relate to the things you say about advocating for your children. Two of my four children were thrust into the world of Special Education early on. I got so involved I became a Special Education Teacher.

    Today, I teach in an entire different realm as you can read about on my profile, but many of the issues are the same. The trick in working with the men I teach is in finding the key that unlocks the learning style that is best suited for each one. Truth is no two people learn in the same way. It is society that says a person should be doing things this way or that. I think they call it the "norm". In my book there is no such thing.

    The labels we put on people in he name of getting them the help we think they need are ridiculous. If we would start teaching to the whole person instead of expecting the person to be whole we might see an entirely different picture.

    Again, I see only differences, not disabilities. We all fall short in that there are no perfect people and it is the Grace of God that gives us what we need just when we need it. Amen?

  2. You never stop being a mom Marja, whether our kids realized it or not we'll always fret and worry, expecially when circumstances in life throw curve balls (baseball term) into the equation.

    What matters is you've done so much for your family and they know that no matter what, they can rely on you for help and guidence.


  3. Did someone mention my name?

    Marja, let it all out. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind...we want to know what's going on in that head of yours.


  4. Thanks you dear m2p You are right that there are no disabilities but just differences. My children are now in a school were all are encouraged to be different and they start to thrive The key there is that their strength will naturally evolve if they are free to explore in the way they want too.

    I think you are a wise lady The true fact is that many are afraid
    somehow of people who are different
    Wether these people are dyslexics,
    gypsies any other People are resistant to accept that there is more than one truth

    The majority decides for the other ones what they have to do to get "what they want" even if it is far from sufficient or right
    Exclusion is the punishment for not being the same and yes what you call the Grace of God and I call the spirit within gives us exactly what we need.

  5. Ah dear Missy I so enjoy the rare moments when they stil ask my advice I also realise though the importance to trust them to be their own people and let them find their way without me being in their face. But yes I will always be their mum Yippee

  6. KB thanks yes I it was me. I am afraid to say things but also because some things can be better unsaid Like with my kids some things cannot be told but people have to find them out for themselves
    I am also afraid that what I haven't got the right words to state my opinions and people will disregard them
    But I guess sometimes that's the risk you have to take

  7. The curious thing for me and my kids is that I truely find that my thirteen year old son even now has a better grasp on people than I do. Needless to say that in social functions I very often feel like a fish out of water.

    My six year-old daughter has all sorts of people calling out her name in all manner of places. One couple, whose child was in my daughter's class, came up and asked who I was while I was escorting my daughter to a movie. My daughter is Chinese and they just assumed her father was Chinese as well. They never guessed she was adopted.

    Given this I feel fairly secure they will be able to handle themselves in the future. I just hope they help me out.

  8. BB o how cute I see they are doing all right. Yes you reminded me but I must admit as well that my children are so much better than I ever was and that is a great feeling

  9. oh and BB I am sure you will be all right

  10. Great and interesting post,Marja!Sorry please but my english isn´t so good to write more...You are okay and a nice friend!I am glad to know you!

  11. have a poetic soul and it seeps out of your fingertips.

  12. I know a lot of dyslectic persons, who can cope very well.They even have great jobs. I taught children who suffereed from dyslexia, and tried all kind of games.


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