Friday, 28 September 2007

To the world citizen

My sister in law came across these wise words while studying to become a principal. Thanks for your contribution.

'Beyond all these circles is the largest one, that of humanity as a whole. Our task as citizen of the world, and as educators who prepare people to become citizens of the world, will be to 'draw the circles somehow toward the centre', making all human beings like our fellow city-dwellers. In other words, we need not give up our special affections and identifications, whether national or ethnic or religious; but we should work to make all human beings part of our community of dialogue and concern, showing respect for the human wherever it occurs, and allowing that respect to constrain our national or local polities'

'The task of world citizenship requires the would-be world citizen to become a sensitive and empathic interpreter"

Author Nussbaum


  1. You really have some great posts girl! Hope you're having a nice day!


  2. Leuk dat het door mensen herkend word, in nederland is het streven om op deze manier naar onderwijs te kijken in ontwikkeling.

  3. Thanks Ann and Steve

    Wat leuk om in Nederland gelezen te worden. Mijn schoonzusje die het mij gestuurd heeft, woont echter in Nederland dus het is al praktijk in Nederland.


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