Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Sweet Ann from A nice place in the sun gave me not one, no two awards. I never got so many awards in my life. Ann you are sweeter than sweet.

Now what happened I got a phonecall from Father Christmas last night. He offered me a job. He said he has a secret award making device in his factory. He said that all my blogging friends have their beauty and their own strenght. He is going to make an award for all of them. I have to help him to check out these friend bloggers of mine if they do their blogging work well and I had to hand over these awards to put in his bag with goodies.

Sorry dear bloggers I couldn't refuse Father Christmas. I better keep him as a friend. Rudolf is going to give me a sign in December and than I am going to prepare for an important visit.

For now ho ho ho ho.


  1. ROFL...I love the candy one, that's so cute!
    PS, thanks for adding me to your blog. I didn't even know your children had learning disabilities until I finally took the time to read your profile. You might be interested in my other blog, the special needs one. There's a link to it on my humble one. There are links on the side for all kinds of special needs. My boys have their learning differences too. It's funny that you would bring up language that is where the biggest issue is. When my eldest was little, his babysitter was french and spoke nothing but french to him. After a year, he could speak french clearly and I had no clue what he was saying. He didn't learn clear english until we dropped the french. He just couldn't grasp both at the same time. He has APD, among other things. He was tested for dyslexia last year but doesn't have it. You can read more about them on the blog. Ok, can you tell it's too early in the morning for me? I'm rambling. I'll leave you to your morning caffiene....

  2. You deserve ten more of these! I also added you to the Monday Morning Meme, which you do not have to do, and Pleasssse don't feel bad if you wish to decline. I just wanted to tag you because you're a great friend and blogger. Congrats and thanks for all your support!

    Have a great day! :)


  3. I've been a "nice" girl. Will Father Christmas check out my poetry blog at and drop me a line?

    There's milk and cookies in it for him!


  4. I just read your poem and I love it so much! It is very heartfelt ! Thank you for visiting me!

  5. Congratulations on your awards!
    Nice poem, too.

  6. Marja, you are the sweetest person I know and I am thankful to have come across you. Where do you find these awards at?? I want to pass out awards too.

  7. That's interesting Jen. I love to check it out next time. You're a good talker. Sorry I am not.

    Thanks again Ann. Just have to apologise if it is Mel's meme He already offered it and you know how I am.

    Kathleen thanks for your visit I will hop over.

    Thanks very much Pam

    Thanks Meggie I will come to see you again.

    Feel the same about you will mail you.

  8. Gotta hand it to you, Marja. You sure know all the right people.
    PS. Kathleen (above) should be 'sent off' for outrageous bribery! Never heard the likes of it in all me life!!!!!

  9. Marja, brilliant, as usual, you are brilliant. Your honesty on Dickiebo's blog about the positives of immigration is noted for which you are awarded the award's of awards, you are a recipient of a Twining Oscar for your commitment and dedication to community and race relation's. The next blog piece will be about you

  10. Marja, congratulations! Very well-deserved awards - no doubt the first two of many more to come.

  11. Hi Marja, You deserve almost every day an award with your blog.

    I hope Father Christmas can give me also a little award for my blog.Maybe if he reads my Christmas articles :

    and looks to my Christmas postings in my blog of previous year he can give me an award too. I hope it8


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