Monday, 8 October 2007

Edith Piaf

I can't wait to see the movie "La Vie en Rose" about the life of Edith Piaf. La vie en Rose, non se ne regrette rien and Milord are some of her great chansons.


  1. Bonne chanteuse avec une voix claire!
    Merci, Marja!

  2. I like the chansons of Edit Piaf too.Nice video.


    Yes,Rafael van der Vaart is a dutch player and he is the captain of the Hamburger soccer/football team.And of course Anne´s favourite player ( and a pretty man).

  3. I had not heard of Edith till I read your post.I dont know the language either.But oh, how she describes th majestic gait of the man she is singing about! I could almost feel it! "Your sorrows on my heart and your feet on my chair"--That line carried me away!

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  5. I love this song; many singers try to sing the songs of Edith Piaf but no one can sing it like her.

    My father was also a fan of Edith Piaf.

  6. A great clip of the little sparrow. My favourite has always been 'La Vie En Rose'. a song that travelled through my childhood, sung by my parents constantly.

  7. Edith Piaf, also Charles Aznavour. Now we're talking. Just great!

  8. I forgot to write my favorite song of Edith Piaf is non, je ne regrette rien but I like also this one. It is a very popular one.

  9. Yeh magdalen island she has a beautiful voice. Had to guess only know a little french

    Stef I like the passion she put in her songs

    PS you're to young. Edith Piaff songs are from the 50's 60's. Even
    from before I was born. But she was a great FRENCH singer and had a very tragic life and they made a movy about her.

    Hi Mell success with your mission

    Yeh Erik my parents liked her too

    Yes Dick I love Vie en Rose too

    Ah I knew it. Just from your time

    Yeh That's a great one too Erik

  10. I too want to see the film although it has been criticised for leaving out her activities during the war which were a very
    important part of her life.

    You have encouraged me to dig out my CD of her which I am playing as I write!

  11. Hi Marja! I've seen this movie and it totally blew me away. The music is incredible and the acting is totally award winning.


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