Friday, 12 October 2007


Happy Birthday niece Samantha 18 years old today

Congratulations Pien. My 15 year old niece Pien gave a winning answer to the Question: How to make the coming schoolyear unforgettable? for Radio FM in Holland.

A summary of her answer roughly translated from Dutch is that to be super positive her motto for the year is "and it is nearly weekend" Starting on monday. To get through the Latin lessons she ates peppernuts. She is going to Barcelona for Spanish this year. She got lots of plans one of them is that she is going to make a movie with her friends after school and they are going to compose the music themselves. The teacher is so nice to play the bad guy in this movie.

She won: a schoolparty with DJ Michel. This is going to be life on the radio tonight from her school ;Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Programme Ekstra Weekend, with DJ Michel and the band Di-rect. Tonight the 12th of October, three hours long on Radio FM with Pien as VIP guest. Yieha have a great party


  1. Congratulations. Have a great evening and tomorrow Marja!!

  2. Congratulations to your niece! Plus, I will be here to support you on Blog action day. :)


  3. OK, I gotta ask - what was her answer to the question about how to make the school year unforgettable? I'd certainly be able to come up with some interesting answers, but none of them would win me any contests. Several of them might get me arrested, though.

  4. this is the link to the livestream
    of radio3fm Netherlands


  5. Thanks Missy and Ann

    Welcome bird baba esspecially for you I gave a summary from her answer. So you can use it in case
    you need it so that you don't get arrested.

    Thanks proud dad of Pien

  6. Congratulations to your niece but you didn't need to translate it for me from Dutch in English like you wrote in your posting. It is easier for me in Dutch but probably not for the most of your visitors.

    I wish many success in learning Spanish; I wished I could speak this language too. It is always useful to understand many languages and Spanish is becoming a world language; not that I expect that it will become the most important language; hopefully this will stay English; it is easier to understand for me.


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