Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Award galore

Friendship week Awards for all my friends

Because the prompt for writers island is friendship I decided to devote all my post this week to Friendship, because this belongs to the treasures in my live. Over the last period I received several awards from Ann, Mel and Peter. The last one unfortunately left us because of plagiary problems. In the blogging world friends easily slip through your fingers. Anyway many, many thanks for your awards.

I am a bit of a rebel, doing my own thing and wanting to give the awards to father Christmas. I had a fight with him however. Don't worry I will make up with him close to Christmas. Now I use them for friendship week for all off my lovely friends I made. I said I give all of my blog roll one and keep my promise although it's quite a list, so lets start.

This award I made myself is for the people who give me the most wonderful time and I am blessed to have them. And the nominees are:

Ann from a nice place in the sun. She has a wonderful blog were she shares memories and other great stuff. She showers me with awards and the most lovely comments. She goes into lenght to answer my questions. Ann thanks you for your friendship.

Rebicmel from Missy's place. She writes wonderful poem's . Her 55's are very catching but foremost she is such a warm, heartfelt amazing woman and a real friend. Missy found me when I was just starting and immediately helped me and told people about me.

This one I made is for the very promising writers who write with such colourful words. It's a joy to read their work. And the nominees are:

Keith from Keith's ramblings
Dana from Awareness

Than I have two wonderful cosy friends who always make beautiful arty things and show them on their blogs. The nominees are
Apo from Bomfeeling
Steffi from MausBears Naehkiste

Than there are people who are always on top of things. Post a lot and have funny posts from time to time. Dickiebo always makes me smile with his cheeky comments. He is one of the nominees for this one.

Dickiebo from dickiebo
Mel from Attitude the Ultimate Power

This award I received from Ann is for three wonderful colourful friends who are excellent writers and have great blogs. One is a new friend but he is Dutch so that can't go wrong.

Herman from Herman's Journaal
Wynn from Gimme a Dream
Steve from Rainbows reflect rays of the sun

This one I got from Mel. I pass it to people with a winning attitude. Because of that they moved forwards a lot in life. Nominees are

PS from A mother of two
Jen from Jen's humble opinion

This is for two angel bloggers who are going through a dark time and who I sent a guardian angel. I made this one for are:

Ambre from Ambre
Josie from Hunting High and Low

I got this award from Ann . These sweet as candied apple bloggers have interesting posts with great pictures. A treat to visit

Keri from The Barefoot Gypsy
KB from KB's Room Do Not Enter
Erik from Travelling around the world

I got this award from peter. Photo's always make me smile therefore I award these photoblogs with this award.

Awesome Photo's
Christchurch Daily Photo

These bloggers have a lot of very informative beautiful posts. They must be very wise. The nominees for this award I made are:

Deepak from Deepak the Great
LGS from Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel
Baba from Thoughts and Sayings of Baba Doodluis

When I enter these sites I feel being in a very friendly environment. Got this from Ann. These bloggers are also both great writer BTW. The nominees are

Meggie from Life's Free treats
Shari from Shari's Place

These blogs are very fancy, with great photo's, art and writing A pleasure to spent some time here. For these nominees I made this award

Clare from Clare's Sunflower Sky
Joann from Through Joann's Digital Eyes
Tara from Paris Parfait

All enjoy your award. Spread it around the globe, decoreate your blogs or eat it. As long as you have fun!!


  1. These are awesome, Marja. However do you come up with such amazing ideas. Thank you!

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  3. Marja, All of these awards are great, and I love the idea of posting on friendship all week. I'm truly touched to receive such a personable, and thought out award. Especially one based on what I've worked so hard at trying to bring about on my blog-having a wonderful time. It's just great, and perfect for A Nice Place In The Sun. I can't believe the amount of work you've done for your friends,
    it's incredible. And you wrote such nice passages for everyone. Great job!

    You're a great friend, and I thank you~


  4. Awards galore...Christmas came early this year. Thank you Marja.

  5. Wow, that's an amazing list of awards. I feel like I'm at the academy awards! better yet, the oscars! Thanks!

  6. Awesome...loved the award and posted on my blogs too... Thanks a lot!!! Cheers!!!

  7. Wow!!All the awards are made so beautifully.I'll surely pass on mine.Great Idea.
    Thanks Marja!

  8. Nice take on the prompt. I am not familiar with all the winners, but the ones I do know are excellent choices!

  9. What a lovely award Marja! thank you so much.
    Enjoy your break, & I look forward to seeing you on your return.

  10. I wil explain it in december how to make them Wynn

    Ann you are always so good to me. nothing is to much for you. Have a great day

    Ah father christmas is always behind the curtains

    yeh you are in the acamedy awards Jen only these ones are more important of course

    Anwin you're welcome thanks for your pictures

    PS have fun with it Happy you like them

    Thanks Herb. They are all excellent

    Thanks Kelly nice to meet you

    Meggie Happy you liked it

  11. Thank you so much for the award!You make me really proud ;O)!It´s nice to find you and your blog too and I enjoy to read here!

    Congrats to all other nominated blogs too!

  12. Awww, thanks Marja. You really do have such good taste!
    PS. Being as you are sooo good with these designs, perhaps you will design a Xmas Card that I can send to Barbara via e-mail. Must practice thrift where I can.

  13. Thanks a lot Majra.I am very happy and Honoured to receive this award.

  14. Marja Thank you so much for mentioning me in you friendship week. You are always welcome to drop by my blog anytime.

    What a special person you are to think of such wonderful ways to make peoples days.

  15. Thanks for the award, Marja but I think you deserve the greatest nomination in the world of bloggers.

  16. thanks so much Marja! I really loved the award! :)))
    you've put a very big smile on my face!
    I treasure your friendship truly!

    the biggest kiss to you from Portugal!!! :)

    (I'm going to thank you as well in my blog, of course!!)

  17. Awww, thanks Marja! I like it when people do nice stuff for me! You are cool!

  18. Thanks! That's so cool! Have a great holiday.

  19. Oh Marja, thank you so, so much! You have really touched me with this beauty of a gift... it left me with feelings that made me know what I am doing it for...


  20. Hi Marja! Thank you so much for the Fancy Blogger Award -- I love it and it is beautiful!! How fun!!

  21. Thank you so much, you are very sweet.

  22. Marja - I'm lost for words. Thank you so much for my award. I told myself I wouldn't cry but ...blub.....blub....thank you.

  23. Hi Marja,
    Thats so sweet of you my dear, its a good 'coming home' present from my trip tp PARIS, thank you for this nomination, I hope you enjoy your trip we 'see' you when you're back. Bye!

    Hallo Marja,
    Het is zo lief van je Mary, en voor mij een leuk 'welkom thuis' kadootje bij thuiskomst uit PARIJS, dankjewel voor deze nominatie.Ik hoop dat je een leuke tijd hebt en we 'zien' je wel weer als je terug bent, Dag!

    Greetings , Groeten
    (English/Dutch blog)

    JoAnn from Holland


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