Thursday, 8 November 2007

Watch out for fluffy

If you feel in any way obset by this picture a helpline will be opened tonight or write me an email and we will talk about about your fear.


  1. I think he is absolutely adorable! LOL

    about what you asked me in your comment, yes, I'm affraid these book are only in portuguese! And they're not even for sale anymore, because they were publish with a magazina every week, and the collection already ended! Sorry!

    big kiss :)

  2. Ah, a cute wee thing.

    You say "A destroyer of worlds" - only that all within would wish to be its owner...

    Hello wee Fluffy!!

  3. Okay I love Fluffy and that is how my Chichi thinks -

    as for working out - we actually are pretty lucky with our local gym, we are in a small town and they run pretty good prices - so we joined up and yes - it is time for me to get into shape - I have let it get to far out of hand - but it is tough getting into a groove - but I am finding once we get started - when we leave I am always glad we went. So far I have only lost a pound this week - I am also keeping track of all I put into my mouth - which is a chore in-itself but again it all feels good. Keep up the work - and in 2008 we can compare notes =)

  4. Scary he Keith

    ah well next time better see you Apo

    Carefull peter he bites

    Keri, ah It's easy to let it go out of hand isn't it. I am getting going now as well. Took me a long time though. Great we will compare notes keri

    He did baba. Fluffi spit it out.

  5. Wat leuk dat je mijn blog hebt gevonden en daar hebt rondgekeken. Natuurlijk zet ik jouw blog in mijn Bloglist en je e-mail adres zal ik ook opslaan. Het is zo leuk om contacten te onderhouden over die enorme afstanden. Ik ga je ongetwijfeld beter leren kennen door je blog regelmatig te lezen. En het is toch leuk om hier ook iets in je moedertaal te schrijven? :-)
    Nu ga ik eerst jouw blog lezen....

  6. Is it a cat? No. Is it a dog? No. I give up!

  7. Oh -- I love Fluffy! I bet my dog Moose would love to play with him! Thanks for the smile!

  8. Is he a dog? What a look you have managed to capture! He looks like a gremlin.

  9. Herman ik voeg ju ook toe bedankg voor het bezoek tot ziens

    Wait till he get's you dickiebo

    Yeh you've got a nice dog unfortunetely this is a dog from the net.

    Oh I wish Wynn as I said he is not mine, but I would love to have him

  10. what a face. I laughed til I teared up at that fluffball.


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