Sunday, 13 January 2008

Back in town

Hi all, I am back in town. We had a great holiday in Wanaka with an average temperature of 30 degrees. So we moved a bit more slowly than usual. I will show you some pictures of our paradise this week and visit you soon .

Good Day!

I am looking forward to this year and I have a good feeling about it.

Have a good year , Marja


  1. And I'm happy to be the first to say: "Welcome home, welcome back. It'll be great catching up."

  2. hey Marja, glad to know you had a nice vacation and welcome back.

    Happy new year...and it would be fun to get to read you again

  3. hallo family,
    welkom thuis in christchurch dan gaat het weer beginnen 2008
    nog 2,5 week dan mogen wij
    groeten pieter,maartje,

  4. Welcome back! I get to be 2nd! hehe
    Can't wait for all the photos and stories of your trip so I can live through you! I never go anywhere! :D

  5. Happy New Year, and welcome back.

  6. Oh Marja, so nice to see you back!
    What a great Holiday you must have had!

  7. Oh Good!
    Someone else to annoy!

  8. Wayne you are quick he. Nice to see you.

    Same Rambler. Hope you are good

    Thanks Brad

    Little Wing It was. It is not hard to have a good time in NZ

    Ha Steve Watch it young man!!

  9. Pieter I'll call you soon You are looking forward to a great trip to Florida. I can't wait to hear all about it. You have to start a blog!!

    Jen I hope your time will come. It is so nice to be out of the house for a while.

  10. Hey, welcome back! I'm glad you had a nice time. Happy New Year! :-)

  11. Great to see you back Marja, welcome again, Happy 08 to you...I have a good feeling about this one too...:)

  12. Hi Seamus nce to see you

    Happy to see you to UL

  13. Hi Marja

    Great to see you back. It wasn't the same without you!

  14. Nice to see you back

    Ik ben blij U terug te zien. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar en ik lees dat je prachtig weer had.
    Waarom heb je geen zonneschijn naar België gezonden? Het is hier zo regenachtig en koud.

  15. Welcome back,Marja!Your holidays must be wonderful!Here is the weather more grey and cold!

  16. Delighted to see you are back amongst the 'blogging fraternity' or other names spring to mind - of our status ....

    Glad you enjoyed your holidays and with such temperatures - I am obviously envious as I sit with several layers of clothing and heating on a higher level...

    I just knew I should have emigrated - but then my choice was Canada and my cousin decided on Australia - and she loves it there..


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