Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Know the world

Do you know the world? I enjoyed playing this game. I came till level 6. Have a try and have fun.
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  1. That´s a cool game! i love such games about countries!

  2. My best level was 9 and 102 IQ.

  3. For some reason I only have a blank screen :(

    I think I will have to try and find why I cannot access (including videos) am still learning the ropes of Linux..

  4. You are good Steffi. Above average. I have to do some more practise.

    What ashame Peter. Maybe next time

  5. 486.081 points; level 11; 123 IQ... but it gave me a lot of fight... I liked it a lot.

  6. I must admit my geography stinks

  7. This is a nice game but I need to practize more. I am not good in reading maps.

    Dit is echt een goede oefening voor mij; ik denk dat ik het dikwijls zal moeten oefenen want ik was vroeger al slecht in school met het lezen van de kaart (map). Aardrijkskunde was mijn slechtste vak maar met het reizen heb ik al wel veel bijgeleerd.



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