Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Award time

I have little things to give away with great love. Yes it is award time again

I got this very special award from Irene. My fellow country woman.

It goes to the following special people who share the same language with me, but all blog in english and have friends all over the world.

She is another lovely woman from Holland and she and I have the same maden name Walraven. She is a wonderful photographer with a beautiful arty blog.

A friend from Belgium who is always very encouraging and nice and who has a wonderful travel blog. We both share a love for Italy.

Yep the next Dutch friend. He writes beautiful articles about his trips in Holland with great pictures. He is super nice as well.

This is a very very special award and I am very proud to have received this from Lone Grey squirrel. According to LGS the blogging mentor award is in general for mentors, inspirations or people who have been encouraging to fellow bloggers to continue blogging or who are such characters that they are forces of nature in the blogosphere.

The Award goes to

I recently discovered him through Dana. Mark is a huge inspiration. He freely shares his wisdom and provides people with insight and hope and encouragement. A true mentor.

She is very inspirational to me because she is open minded and a very natural. She speaks from her heart on her wonderful blog.

A force of nature who is very encouraging and who is very inspirational with his poems and his insightful articles.

This is one of my own designs so I can give them out whenever I want and it goes to

I recently discovered Irene and she is a beautiful person with a great sense of humour which she waves through her wonderful writing.

I already have a wonderful time for quite a while on Meggie's blog. She is a great writer and lovely person and when I read her stories it is as if I experience them personally.

Quintarantino gives me a wonderful time when I visit his beautiful photographs he makes in Portugal. He is always very attentive as well.

I got this one from a very charming friend Clare who writes delightful poetry and who is a delight herself and this award goes to:
I lost my dear Apo for a while because the translator didn't work properly and I don't speak Portuguese. Luckily I got my buddy back. She especially writes in English again on her beautiful blog.
Jen is very much a buddy to me. She had also children with learning disabilities and this strong woman learns me much about courage and strength.

This buddy lives in New Zealand as well, although on the North Island and she is such a great natural girl with a wonderful blog.

He feels like a buddy to me. It is quite cosy to come to his blog and read how he is going about in his daily life like with his gardening. He and his wife are also very artistic.

Not everybody is on the list. You are all in one way or the other very special so you will be soon on the award space.


  1. Marja, I must tell you that this is quite a surprise.
    I want to tell you that I really appreciated this friendship gest but I really do think you are much to kind. Much, indeed.

    I will certainly collect the prize.
    I have a inner blog (that can be found under the image of PRIZES) on my photoblog and that is where I place all the prizes lovely friends like you give me.
    Yours will go there too.

  2. Thankyou sooo much Marja. I am very touched that you would give me this award and just in time for my birthday. Wonderful....

  3. THank-you for awarding me the "mentor" award! I am both honored and humbled. Thank-you for providing all of these great links, many of whom I don't yet know. I look forward to exploring their blogs.

  4. Hi Marja. Mother Theresa was featured on my sidebar in my earlier blogging days, as one of the people who I admire the most. What a person! She practised far more than she preached - gosh! most of us could learn a lesson from her.

  5. Congratulations, Marja!!! You richly deserve it! And thank you so much for Mentor Award. I am very flattered!!!! I will display it proudly!

  6. thank you thank you Marja dear! :)))

  7. Congratulations for all your awards Marja. And Congratulations to all your awardees.
    Thank you for mine also.
    This world of blogging is a fun place to be!

  8. I checked out all these awards but didn't check to see who they were for...lol...Thank you so much!!

  9. Hey Marja,

    Thank you so much Marja, again you gave me an award wow! The second of this year from YOU , well we sure have the same maiden name "WALRAVEN" thats very special indeed, I do not know anyone butyou with the same backname, my sisters changed their backnames after they got married, But I kep my own backname (my hus don't mind :)I thought you were so busy, and still you have time for others, so thanks you and please keep coming back , I like visiting your blog too:)

    Greetings JoAnn

  10. Thanks for the wonderful (time) award, Marja. I sure appreciate it. It is extra special because you made it yourself. Ciao...

  11. Hi Marja,

    Thanks for the award. I really appreciate this and you are such a wonderful friend.

    I hope to read many postings of you here in your blog.

    Dank je wel, Marja. Het is een eer deze award van U te mogen ontvangen. In feite verdient U de oscar van de beste blogger in de wereld.

    Ik hoop nog veel berichtjes van U te lezen.

  12. Aww thanks hun. I've missed you. Didn't make it to the beach...too much rain.

  13. Wow, I will visit them all. Thanks for linking Middle Ditch. It's great that you can listen now.

  14. I have accepted your reward! It's posted :D

  15. Good morning Marja. I love Mother Teresa. Her words from you this morning are a great spiritual lift to my day. Blessings, Annie

  16. hello dear. I've thanken you in bom feeling!
    big kiss

  17. congrats, Marja...congrats.

  18. Thank you Marja. Sorry it took so long to get over here. It's been a busy week.

  19. Thank you Marja for the Award. I have to find out where I can put it on my blog, so I'll have a second look at yours where to place them. I the past I got some other awards, but didn't know what to do with them. I saved this one in a folder for now :-)
    Thanks again Marja.


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