Monday, 3 March 2008

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

They changed me into a young dude. It could have been worse. Just a bit of fun. The stars are turning for me. Next year when I am going to Holland I am going on a trip to Vienna with my mum. The city of sissy and Hundertwasser, my brothers favourite architect. He actually died in New Zealand. He had his second residence in a small rural town named Kawakawa and he designed and oversaw the building of the public toilet there, which is quite stunning.

Furthermore my friend in Holland succeeded after a years long battle which had quite an impact on her life. She got the right on her side and I am so happy for her. To celebrate she is going on a trip to Marrocco. Marrakesh is one of the places she visits. Happy Holiday my friend.

My brother booked his ticket to visit us next summer and I am really excited about it. That promises lots of laughs and we are gonna have a good time. We already planned to drive to Milford Sound and to visit Stewart island with him. I will show it to you.

My computer course is going well. The last parts are quite basic so I am flying through it Furthermore I am going probably going to help teaching Dutch again at my kids school which was a lot of fun last year.

I also got a great award from LGS which was quite flattering and I will pass this on this week.

A lot to look forward too and to be grateful for. Good luck to all of you , Marja


  1. Wow, so much exciting and nice things to anticipate.

    Enjoy the continuous learning, a smart person always wanted to learn. You're one!

    Have a nice day! ;0)

  2. Seems to me there are great adventures waiting for you ...

  3. I love that morphing thing - it was fantastic.

    That toilet block certainly beats most public facilities and I do hope they are treated with the reverence they deserve.

    Glad to see you back again Marja.

  4. Vienna sounds fantastic.Am happy for your friend.
    The picture morphing was real cool!

  5. Wow, loads of trips coming up. I'm jealous!

  6. Oh Reign thanks so much I would love to be a lot smarter but I do love learning.

    Quin it looks good

    Hi GYpsy yes I hope too they treat it well He is really great.

    Thanks PS. Yes Vienna is beautiful and I can't wait

    Monique if you get the change just go Even for a weekend is nice. Summer is coming up there.

  7. Glad your course is going well!!!!!

  8. Out of curiosity, why Alec Baldwin of all people?

  9. Thanks Billy. I started it because I wanted to learn more, than I needed things like spreadsheets for work and now I finish the whole thing because its free and I get the national certificate when I do it all.

    Baba i've got no clue, computerwork! Put your bird photo in there and see what they come up with.

  10. Lots of travel plans in the works.

    That's quite a toilet building.

    Since you taught the material before, hopefully you will fly through that too.

  11. You are blessed in so many ways!

  12. Hi Marja! The celebrity morph looks like fun. And it's great that you're going to Vienna next year -- that should be really interesting and very beautiful. Good news about your computer course, too. And I awarded you with an award: "Best Blogging Buddies Award For Global Communities". See my March 2 post for details!

  13. I like Hunderwasser too. It will be sure a nice travel next year,Marja!Congrats to your award!

  14. You better still be blogging next month while your away! ;)
    That's a lot of awards! You need an award wall!
    I didn't know you were taking a computer course!

  15. Very nice done, that Morph.

    It surprised me that you are following a computer course. If I see the postings in your blog it looks if you are a computer expert.

    Vienna is wonderful; I visited this country long time ago and I know the movies of Sissie; it is really wonderful.

    Althought you should better go before July or after August because you will miss some activities. There are not so many concerts in the summer and also the Lippizaner horses are not there.

    I visited Vienna also in August and I want to make this trip again in the future but probably I will choose for September.

  16. I am looking forward to visiting my friend in Holland...she keeps asking us, we have yet to make it there...hopefully soon


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