Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Survival mode

I am a bit hopeless at the moment. The symptoms of hypothyroxine are getting worse since medication is increased. Not that it is unusual. Me and medication did never go well together.
Anyway I am really in survival mode now, I work and sleep and that will be all for a while. After Easter I have a doctors appointment and than we will see what next.
I wish you all a very happy easter and take care, Marja


  1. Marja, I hope you have every chance to rest & recover over Easter weekend.
    We will wait patiently, until you can return.
    Hugs & good vibes!!

  2. Take care and get lots of rest and enjoy spending time with your family sweet Marja.

  3. I hope you start feeling better soon, Marja. I know how it is not to feel up to par. I am in a bit of a gloom myself, but it is due to circumstances beyond my control.

    Take good care of yourself!

    Big Hug.

  4. Terrible to hear that you don't feel well. I never heard about hypothyroxine and tried to do some research in google. Amazing what I found it was your posting in your blog.

    Marja, ik hoop dat je U snel beter voelt; verlies de moed niet en misschien heb je gewoon nood aan wat vakantie.

    Als je een luisterend oor nodig heb stuur me maar een mailtje.

  5. I hope you get better soon Marja. Just rest and sleep and do whatever your body tells you to do. I've been feeling much the same way for the better part of the last month. On the bright side, the heat wave has finally broken and now its just hot instead of sizzling HOT.

    Take care and have a wonderful Easter.

  6. Marja, you take care.
    First your health, so don´t worry about us.
    And have a Happy Easter.

  7. Take care of your health Marja. Happy Easter to you too

  8. Sending you lots of healing wishes.
    Take care

  9. Happy Easter, Marja. Get your rest!

  10. I'm sorry you're feeling so awful Marja. Take good care....and hopefully you can find some balance with the right level of meds.

    Happy Easter.....

  11. survival mode isn't fun :(
    Hope to see you when you get back and you're yourself again!

  12. I really hope your medication begins to work for you. Get well. Have a blessed Easter.

  13. Oh Marja, sorry to hear about it!I hope you feel better soon!Take care yourself!

    Have nice easterdays!

  14. I got you a chocolate easter egg!

    Ya just gotta come pick it up.

  15. ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸
    ::::::(=' :'):::
    Happy Easter!

    Hello dear Marja!
    hope you get better real soon, in fact I hope you are better already!!!
    big kiss from Portugal to you! :)

  16. Majra
    By the gods grace you will be perfectly alright soon.
    Happy easter to you and family.
    Take care

  17. Hello Marja,
    How are you?
    Did you have a good Easter?

  18. Thanks Love you all. My spirit is not easily broken, but it is hard work still. Can't do much yet

  19. Get all better! I'm beaming healthy-birdy vibes at you!

  20. Excellent posting, Mraja!
    Thank you.

  21. Maybe Middle Ditch twelve might cheer you up Marja? I hope that you are as well as can be.

  22. I wished that there was something I could say.... My thyroid hasn't worked in years. I've had to return time and again to the doctor always with the same complaint, a long list of ailments relating to the thyroid and still it doesn't seem to be better, so I continue with a smile, knowing that I'm not the only one forcing myself to get up in the morning. Selfish..., na I just don't think about it. I just continue....


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