Friday, 18 April 2008

Merging Raindrops

Hi No I am not completely back but I had several requests to keep on blogging and was asked to blog only once a month. I was touched by your comments and emails so I will make time for that. I still tire easily but regained time by not blogging, although it is filled up quickly. I also take more time now to engage in conversations and I had some special ones with friends and strangers, which made me write this poem quickly to share with you my experience.
Merging Raindrops By Marja Blom
Two people
tune into each
others energy
Eyes smiling
conversation deepening
souls collide
and merge
like raindrops
Life funneld
into words,
becoming sacred,
carrying serenity
Fog disappears
revealing vision
The raindrop
splits up again
Flowing in
separate ways
Both more
clear and beautiful
than before
I also received last time a beautiful reward from my dear friend Ul which I will give out next month.
Oh and I really enjoyed this song of Gary Moore. Just drop it in this post. Totally unrelated but what the heck.


  1. Good to hear from you. Hope that you are getting better. Thanks for the good wishes that you left on my blog.

  2. Hello there Marja, great to see you're back with some words of wisdom and signs of things getting better with you.
    And thank you for remembering me.
    Take care, dear friend.

  3. kia Ora Marja

    Great to see you back online. Life is like merging raindrops as they cling, break, form and reform. Is that not life ?

    I hope you have full recovery and blod you way back to full health. Communication is the arteries of the heart and soul.


  4. hey Marja..nice to have you would be fun to read you more often..we miss your posts.

    I liked the metaphor in here a lot..

  5. Dat was nog eens een verassing! Mooi gedicht Marja. Verzin je die zomaar op een regenachtige middag? En Gary Moore speelde gezellig tussen het lezen en schrijven. :-)

    Fijn weekend.

  6. Oh Marja, I´m so glad to hear from you again!Nice words !Hope you feel better soon!

    Take care,Groetjes!

  7. Hi Majra
    Nice to see you back.
    Always think that you are perfectly health and act 'AS IF 'you are filled with a lot of energy and then see the difference.
    god bless you and family.
    take care

  8. Beautiful Marja, just like you!

  9. My pleasure LGS I am a lot better thanks.

    Thanks Quin How would I forget you

    Cling break form and reform How beautiful You would be good at poetry. Sure that's life, Bob

    Thanks Rambler, I hope I can one day but not just yet

    En dan kom je gezellig langs wandelen. Dankje Herman, Ik ben maar een beginner en mijn gedichtjes zijn maar simpel.

    Hi Steffi ich wunsche dir das beste
    Ganz schon dass ich dich treffe hier

    Deepak I will try that thanks a lot

    Hi David thans for visiting

    Hi Steve missed you

  10. So glad you are back. We missed you. Have a relaxing time listening to Middle Ditch. Episode thirteen is now posted. See you soon Marja, keep well.

  11. once a month! good plan :D
    I will swing by once in awhile and check up on ya! I hope you feel better soon.

  12. I'm so glad you're back Marja! really I am!!! We make such wonderful friends in this blogosphere that we hate to see them leave!
    And this song brings me such good memories!!! thank you! :)
    Do you remember near Christmas I talked about a treasure hunt for my daughter in my blog? I finaly found the maps and I've posted them. Do you wanna take a look?
    big kiss, my dear! :)

  13. That was lovely Marja and it's good to see you are feeling a bit better and able to post once in a while. Love that song and Gary Moore.

  14. carrying serenity--I love that line. It gives me a sense of peace, as does the whole poem. Elegant and beautiful.

  15. Het is leuk U hier terug te zien. Dit is echt een mooi gedichtje zoals al je andere berichtjes.

    Wij kunnen U niet missen; 1 of 2 postings per maand zal wel lukken en je zal uw vrienden veel plezier doen.

    Beautiful poem and I am happy that it was only a short goodbye; you are back. Time to celebrate this!

  16. Marja, am I glad to see your posts...i hope you are well..i love the concept of the raindrops.. and your and hugs.


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