Sunday, 22 June 2008

Human Rights

In my country we have a lot of freedom. We also live by rules set up by our community, country. We live by these rules because they are usually fair and are there to benefit or protect people. If not we can discuss them, we can vote, we can protest. We can choose what to belief and express that. We can make choices how to live our lives. We have responsibilities but we have also rights especially Human Rights.

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Nations have 192 member nations.

The human rights are difficult to enforce. It depends on the goodwill from the member nations, but more and more nations treat it as if it were law or legalise it by a Human Rights Act.

The Human rights lays out the rights and responsibilities that everyone on the globe should have. They are justified by a moral standard that stands above the law of each individual nation.

The 60th anniversary is marked on 10 December, 2008, Human Rights Day. The 30 articles of Human Rights Value them and help protect them if you can, Marja


  1. That´s a great and very important post and video, Marja!We can do for the children any more and it can be never enough!

    Have a nice sunday!

    Yesterday evening was the game (EK)Natherlands against Russia - we are shocked because the Netherlands lost the game 1:3 after 120 mimutes....I am really sad because the dutch team was my favourite team!

  2. Even nog over het voetbaltoernooi Marja. Het is de gekte ten top. Ik lig altijd in een deuk als ik die verdrietige en wanhopige oranje koppies zie wanneer er wordt verloren. Uiteindelijk zal er altijd maar één land blij zijn, de rest van de deelnemers worden in rouw gedompeld, achtergelaten in totale chaaos en schaamte. Volgende wedstrijd misschien Rusland eruit? Hahaha.. :-)

  3. I'm afraid that here in the UK, the Human Rights Act has meant that terrorists have become virtually impossible to deport. The Act seems to completely favour the villains, to the detriment of the law-abiding citizens.
    Clearly the original idea was very good but.............

  4. I've not been to New Zealand, but have seen a number of films such as Whale Rider, Price of Milk and of course The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - it looks such a gorgeous, magnificent country. What is the level of crime like in your country? Is there more or less crime than, say Britain? How many people are in NZ? You have such sprawling landscape, I imagine that the population is concentrated mainly in the bigger cities. Are you in the country, or in town?
    Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Ingrid Bergman?


    P.S. I've tagged you for a little music meme. Stop by my blog for details.

  5. Thanks stef and I already got the message.

    Hi Santos

    Ja jammer dat ze verloren hebben maar je hebt gelijk het is een spel en er kan er maar een winnen

    Dickiebo my dear friend we had the discussion about people coming in our countries and you know how I think about it. It is here full of english people BTW who took over NZ, Ha. Terrorist however should be punished badly and will as in any country.

    NZ is beautiful, a paradise poetikat. In case of crime we are about 10 years behind on countries like UK, Holland but we are catching up.
    I've got a population counter on my sidebar, so at this moment there
    are 4.268.043 people in NZ
    We live in the biggest city in the SOuth Island with about 350.000 people. The whole province Canterbury has 400.000 people and is as big as Holland, which has 16.500 people. So we got a bit more space here. There are a lot of sheep around here though but they are harmless.
    Thanks poetikat No they didn't and won't I am just lucky that this foto didn't turn out not too bad.

    Music ok I will get there

  6. oh I mean peotikat Holland has 16.500.000 people.

  7. Kia ora Marja,
    So much work still to be done, but thank you for your always touching reminders. I am waiting for Charlie to bike home from school, only 3 houses down, and will give him a big cuddle for all children. Kia ora.

  8. Oh Robb that is wonderful. You are so right lots need to be done, but a seed has been planted so we need to nurture it.

  9. Dear Marja
    When I read this post, I was thinking of the following about Malaysia:
    1. Democratic country.
    2. Have the 2nd tallest building in the world, the Twin towers.
    3. Just sent someone to space and back.
    We still have ISA (Internal security Act), jail without trial for whoever deemed a threat to the Government.
    So called freedom of press..but still lots of lies printed daily because the Government control the press in many ways.
    We can vote, but at times, votes are 'bought' by the ruling party.
    ..sad but true.

    tks for the article :)


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