Friday, 13 June 2008

No internet/ no phone

We are disconnected from the world. When they installed our wireless phone, they disconnected us from Telecom without the new one working, one week ago. A tech couldn't come in before yesterday. He couldn't fix the problem and we ended up being without internet and phone.
The worst thing is however that my husbands mum is very very sick and we only have a cellphone and have to go other places to call and mail. it is already difficult now that you live so far away without having these problems.
This is also part of living in New Zealand. Keep safe and hope with me that things will work out.

14 June Telecom is doing everything to move all their services to them and put everything up quickly again. Hooray for Telecom.

16 June Phone is working again. Grandma is getting a bit better

18 June Yesterday morning we received the new modem When everything was installed at night and internet was working perfectly we smelled something strange. It became stronger and it seemed to come from the computer. We opened the system unit and discovered that a bunch of cords were hanging against the fan and were starting to burn.We removed them but is was to late. Several things don't work anymore, including the mouse.So back to scratch. Ha ha. Luckily I can borrow my kids computer for.............10 minutes.


  1. hoping your internet will work soon...

  2. would you like me to call her?
    Or email?
    Hang a minute.......if ya have friends .ain't they suppose ta help in these situations??????

    Or do I sense a bit of the ole........."I don't wanna impose?"


    Come on tell the ole Whitesnake the truth....Ya feeling a tad guilty cos ya gotta rely on others aye?

    Not a nice feeling ..BUT get use ta it cos it's taking over the world ...YES MANKIND will FINALLY reach out and help on another and assist those in need and those that want. The hungry will be fed, the abuse will be cared for, the ill trodden will be brought up and held as an example to all that it is those in need we should be assisting.

  3. Oh that's awful Marja. I hope you get connected up soon. There is nothing worse than being cut off from your family especially in times of ill health. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and I hope your MIL makes a speedy recovery.

  4. Oh no, my dear Marja! I hope you are soon online again!!!!And everything will work again!


  5. Thanks Rambler we will We are moving all the services back to great relieable Telecom again.

    Oh dear Steve Yes we do have friends were we can call but they don't live around the corner and in NZ people hardly know their neighbours. Gran is getting a bit better again but she is already 83
    so wwe see.
    Thanks for your nice wise words

  6. Kia ora Marja,
    Hope all goes well. Always happy to help if I can. Will be checking your blog.
    Ka kite ano,

  7. We've had that problem too! Weeks of no connection! It was horrible, but soon forgotten about when we were back on.

    Holland won again last night against France! HUP HOLLAND HUP!!!!

    MD 15 is now posted also and I hope that you are soon able again to listen.


  8. I hope you connected again. I hope you saw Holland's second win. They are coming together as a potential winner. I remember the World Cup final in 1974 when Germany beat Holland. I was listening to it by radio while working in Vietnam. Sometimes revenge is sweet.

    Warm regards


  9. oh it is very boring to live without phone or net
    i hope it return soon

  10. I hope everything is back for you sooon!! It is so scary when relatives are not well.
    Good wishes to you!!

  11. Hope the line's up and working well...I know how a pain it is without the phone and internet too

  12. It is amazing to me how much we rely on these things now. Me, included.

    I don't know how people did it before. Hope everything gets going for you. Kayce

  13. It is amazing how reliant we become on being connected. Hope you are connected soon.

  14. Als ik het goed begrijp Marja, dan zijn jullie nog niet helemaal van de problemen verlost. Je mag nog van geluk spreken dat je op tijd ontdekte dat er iets niet goed was in de computer. Voor hetzelfde geld bevind je je ergens anders terwijl je computer in de fik vliegt.
    Ik hoop voor je dat je gauw een nieuw apparaat krijgt of koopt, dan horen we wel hoe het allemaal is verlopen.

  15. You described my worst nightmare! I hope normal service will be resumed very soon.

  16. Robb Thanks you so much We are back on track ah well with one foot

    Hi Monique nice to see you yes and holland keeps winning

    Hi Bob I surely remember 1974. Nobody thought back than that they could lose and they did.

    Welcome call for co existance It was not that boring but very uncomfertable

    Hi Megg it was scary, we found a way to call cheap with our cellphone to Holland

    m.kate it is a pain

    K.C. you come so much to rely on it that you indeed ask yourself how they did it. I remember that when we were just here in NZ and we didn't have a computer I wrote a lot of letters

    Je bent altijd zo meelevend Herman
    Alles komt weer goed maar het was een heel gedoe. Ik ben tegenwoordig echter in staat om nuchter te blijven en alles rustig te plannen

  17. I wondered where you

  18. Terrible to hear about your problems. You know we can't imagine anymore that people lived in the past without phone and Internet.

    It is just the same like with electicity; we are all dependent of these sources.

    I hope all your problems are solved very soon and forever.

    Hopelijk zijn al je problemen spoedig opgelost voor altijd; het zou erg zijn indien je niet meer zou kunnen communiceren met ons en met je familie.


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