Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Woman in art

Just something I found and enjoyed. So I share it with you I find it amazing how much character you can read in a face. When we were young we loved it to have a drink on a sunny day on a terrass and watching the people go by. We could spent ages by looking at a person on the street and guessing what kind of person he or she was and what job they had etc. Of course than you have many more clues like body language and clothes.


  1. What an amazing, & lovely post. It is amazing how differely we see faces. I loved this transition.

  2. What should happen if our face also changed so like in your video? Really funny that you found this amazing video but I prefer the real Mona Lisa there. I saw her paining long time ago in Paris; really wonderful.

  3. hey this was cool :).
    its funny right how a face can talk about many things about the person

  4. I love people watching - especially at airports. Like you I always fin
    dg myself speculating on their lifestyle

  5. and ya forgot ONE small thing.....about judging people...


    LMAO! xx

  6. I love how all the different faces morphed into each other but did you notice something? No matter how the features changed the essence of every face was in the eyes.

  7. very very beautifulllll!
    hello my dear Marja! how are you?
    if you don't mind I'll take this video to my blog. I loved it! nice discouvery! :)
    big hugg!!!

  8. Very interesting Post, just wonderful.

    I wish you a fantastic weekend my friend and hugs always :)

  9. You'd *never* be able to guess anything about me, because I don't wera clothes.

  10. Thanks meggie

    Yes the real one is always better Erik I would love to see it someday

    My pleasure for the people

    Rambler yes and very interesting

    it's a fun thing to do Keith Would love to always check out if I am right

    Your comments are smart as. Too smart for me Steve

    I didn't only focus on the eyes, but yes eyes are the window of your soul

    Sure Apo have fun with it

    M.kate same for you

    Baba didn't you know You judge a bird by its feathers. But I would love to know more about the man behind the bird

  11. thank you for your visit and good wishes, no sky is too high for me, watch my blog, i cannot type long, greetings joann in hospital
    my sky is the ceiling haha!

  12. Razend knap gemonteerd Marja. Dat is heel veel werk geweest om al die beelden te vinden en daarna te monteren in deze video. Erg goed gedaan.

  13. That is so cool!
    That must have taken forever to put together, that in itself is an art!

  14. yes, my dear! my name's Paula. why do you ask? :)

  15. Love this. I also enjoy sitting with a hot cuppa, watching the people go by and trying to guess what kind of people they are.

  16. Joann You are even blogging in the hospital? a well why not good for speedy recovery Take care

    Dacht ik ook Herman

    Yes indeed Jen very clever

    Just checking Nice to know your name Paula

    Yeh it is a lot of fun he karen


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