Friday, 26 September 2008

Goodbye, Au revoir, Aufwiedersehen, tot ziens

I am known to disappear from time to time but this time I am leaving the blogging world for a long time as I said in my last post. Probably till after I come back from Holland, which will be about the end of May 2009. I hope to see many of you back than and if not I thank you as I enjoyed to travel with you. I wish you all happiness on your personal journey. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams and find lots of treasures in your daily lives. I give you a few of mine
  • This week I helped the students at my kids school to prepare for the market where they could sell their self made products. When I left to go home my nearly 16 year old daughter gave me a big hug in the middle of all the students. Only a short time ago she was even embarrassed to walk next to me.
  • We had a marvelous sunset 2 days ago.
  • When I felt a bit tired last week and I had still so much work to do my son spontaneously took the vacuum cleaner and gave me a hand.
  • I got some great awards I have to thank Missy for this beautiful award. Missy is one of my earliest friends here and she is an amazing person and poet. She sent an email to ask to support the breastcancer site by just clicking on it. It's that easy. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle). Thanks xxx

I got this beautiful award from Patricija from Slovenia who is a great photographer and has an excellent blog as well. Thanks Patricija These awards are for the take for all my blogging friends. Please feel free to take the one you want because I love you all and your blogs are excellent. So for now Adios, Good bye, tot ziens, Au revoir, aufwiedersehen


  1. we wish you the very best...hoping to see you back in the blog world soon

  2. I'll miss you posts, but everything has it's time, and maybe once again there will be a time for more posts. Yes - Follow your dreams and enjoy the moment. I'm convinced if one learns to just enjoy the moment, that when they look back on their lives and all those individual moments add up, well, it will look like a great life - and it will be!

    Take care.

  3. Marja, I am going to miss your post, I know sometimes we have to do what we have to do life is like that, but know you will be missed. I am going to email you my address again and if you fill like it give me yours so I can send a card. :) I've gotten lazy about writing but I'd love to touch base with you while your gone.

    Be safe, be sweet and know again you'll be missed.

  4. Dearest Marja
    We say goodbye for now and I am sure we shall meet again in blog-land. You take care and much love and hugs :D It was great knowing you and this is not the end.

  5. I wish you only the best,my dear Marja and I hope to hear from you soon again!
    My thoughts are with you!


    You got my e-mail ;O))?

  6. Be sure to stop by when you can! Will miss your blog posts, but I understand very well :-) Have a nice & safe trip!


  7. hello dear friend from across the world!

    I'm sorry to hear that your living. hope you come back sooner than you think.

    I'll be waiting.

    Take good care and be happy!

    big kiss to you! and a smile! :)

  8. Hallo Marja,
    Dankjewel voor je bericht ik schrijf je een email;

    Liefs JoAnn

  9. 'Bye for now, Marja. Look on the bright side of things - think of all your good friends who will be standing here, to welcome you back, on your return - whenever you decide that to be.
    "We'll keep a welcome in the hillsides,
    We'll keep a welcome in the dales.
    This land of song will soon be singing,
    When you come home again to Wales." (via the internet!)

  10. My dear Marja

    Thank you very much for a peep into your itinerary. Please have an enjoyable holiday. Much happiness in all those things that you do. I'll ride out your leave of absence with my thoughts of you and your family. I still have lots of unfinished reading to do at your site, so I shall be visiting your blogs while you are away.

    I look forward to seeing your pictures from the Holland. I would love to visit Holland at some point in time.

    Thank you for the link and will do.

    Ka kite ano

  11. Hello Marja !
    COURAGE à Toi !
    A bientôt...

  12. Hi Marja,

    I was away for a while, and I didn't follow blogging much. so when I read the news that you will be away from your blog for so long, made me sad, but I will think a lot on you, since you will also be much closer to me as you are now:)
    I wish you a safe trip and a great stay in holland. take care.

    hug, p

  13. I will miss your wise words and wonderful stories that stop and make me think. Take care and have a wonderful time in Holland. Hope to see you again when you return in May.

  14. Kia ora Marja,
    I shall miss this place and the brightness I find here. Please do stay in touch when you are able and may your life be filled with joy. Kia kaha.

  15. Hi rambler I got to know you from writers island and never thought you would keep visiting me. I sure hope you'll be here when I come back

    PV ytou are so philosophecal You are so right but that's why I wil;l miss you so much. Lots of love m.

    I am happy I can keep in touch with you Missy It's amazing how you can get attached to people like you

    I hope so Mary Kate because you are so charming and it so strange that I met the most nice people in this world instead of the real world.

    Oh Steffi I got your adress and I am soon gonna write you

    Hi Isabella Thanks to you I got in topuch with my roots again. I love you for that

    Oh Apo I'll miss you too The Portugese spirit

    Joann I hope we get to meet'

    Dickiebo you always be in my heart.

    Keith your Dutch is terrific and I am a big fan of you

    Paterika I feel honored to be your friend I rspect you so much and hope we keep in touch dear Paterika

    A Je t'aime la francais. Au revoir mon amis

    Oh Patricija There is so much feeling in your wors and picures that it is so hard to leave people like you

    Oh Gyps are you still around You are such a sweat person and when I ever come to Adelaide I make sure I get in touch with you

    Robb you are one of the nicest people I klnow and I am sure stay in touch. LOL lots of love marja

  16. marja....our journeys can take us to faraway places can't they? This is what i love about blogging... with a touch of a fingertip, i'd find myself in New Zealand smiling as I read one of your thoughtful beautiful posts that always had your own personal Dutch kiss attached to it. I will miss you, but understand completely that for now, your own journey is taking a different route.

    Bon chance mon ami....take good care and keep in touch.


  17. Have a lovely time out in the real world! We'll welcome you back to blogging whenever you decide to return!

  18. Take care sweetie. I miss you already xxx

  19. just passed by to give you a sweet kiss!!!

    stay well! :)

  20. just dropped by to say i read through some of your posts,, inspiring,, take care !

  21. I wish you a save journey trough life...until we meet again..fijn je op deze manier ontmoet te hebben..(tot later:)

  22. As so many of your readers have said... we are all going to miss you. Hope you are back with a bang and a year is no big deal at all... believe me :)

    All the best in life for you and your family.

  23. I wish you well on your journey forward Marja. Go well, with love in your heart!

  24. Hi Marja,

    I wish you all the best and I hope to see you very soon back.


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