Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rising Above

A poem for MatineeMuse prompt this week: Rising Above
courtesy of google
Rising Above
By marja blom
In the cold shadow
tired eyes pierce through her soul
 A mouth screaming and snapping
making her shrink into a quiet corner
where she rises above the noise
Heavy steps explore a dark corridor
 rejection hiding behind every door
till she jokenly opens them
 filling rooms with laughter
and rising above loneliness
Moving through the world
fastforwarded like a movy
she runs to understand
 the drama's unfolding
than sliding into sleep
after rising above her speed

Building a warm nest
the icy winds sneaks through the gaps
 she spreads her wings over her loved ones
like a blanket of love and rises above the storm
Rising above she looks down
and caresses for the lonely souls,
haunted by screetching voices,
who move in high speed,
through stormy days


  1. Great imagery - sometimes we need protection like this.

  2. i see a rainbow rising........

  3. The inborn need to survive and protect. It helps us rise above most things.
    Nicely said.

  4. one will always protect his / her loved ones.

    loved the tone of the poem from the first line to the unfolding conclusion

  5. Very nice.

    Although in the accompanying picture, it's hard to tell if she's rising up or falling down.

    Hey, I'm a 'glass half empty' kind of bird sometimes.

  6. lovely.. I loved the imagery esp the protecting of the loved ones.. well written

    Chip off the old block

  7. Thanks stan

    Met too steve

    Thanks Totomai and M.Kate

    Baba I agree it is aguable. Let's discuss it. Coffee? Aarg birds don't drink coffee

    Hi Preethi tnanks

  8. Very nice poem,Marja!I like it!

  9. Wow I like this the best, more than your rhymed stuff! the touches of surrealism lend a drowsy atmosphere. And the rest...kinda hangs in the mist in its half revealing splendour.


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