Thursday, 13 November 2008

Free Rice

Who painted : On the terrace
One of my favourite painters did. Don't you just love these beautiful colours. I have to get back to Paris one day because last time I missed museum D'orsey where the impressionists paintings are. Anyway when you go the free rice website and choose art you come along the above painting and the question who painted it. Than you get to choose among four possible answers. If you choose right 20 grams of rice donated by a sponsor goes the United Nations World Food program. If you get it wrong you get a re change later. There is one page where you can see the progress of the rice donation. About 22 countries are already participating. So you not only get smarter but you also do something good. If you don't like art you can choose language, math, geography, English or chemistry. If you want to come back later a link is on my sidebar.
If you don't do it for the learning do it for the rice. Although French is a beautiful language to learn, isn't it. Have fun!!!!


  1. I did try the french quiz, this was fun :)

  2. Marja, again to happy you are back in blog land!! I love this idea so I'll go check out the link. Paris? it, its so romantic..I've been there only once too short a stay, but i remembered the louvre so vividly. Have a great weekend :D

  3. I've been on Free Rice a couple of times. It's great fun and it does some good at the same time. I love Paris. I can get there in no time thanks to the Channel tunnel and I can't get enough of the place. As for the French accent - très beau pour écouter

  4. Tres bien Rambler

    Thanks Mary Kate yes Paris is very romantic

    Oh you lucky Keith I went 3 times to Paris It is one of my favourites
    cities too


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