Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A kiss from the count

The first two lines formed the prompt which lead me to write this dark poem photo from here

A kiss from the Count
By marja blom

"Life is not always what it seems"
he says, looking in the eyes of innocence,
which reflects a handsome prince
 guiding her to the land
where the sky is cushioned with silver clouds
above a milky road decorated with lavender.

He promises the way to paradise and
 enwrapped with charm he bends forwards
to seal her opal neck with his lips
till her eyes mirrow the awakening,
while deep velvet drops turn into
a riverbed, meandering along her body


  1. interesting place to go with the prompt...

  2. Phew, I thought you had transported me to New Zealand, for a moment, but it looks more like Transylvania from where I'm standing. Or am I daydreaming?


  3. He led her toward death. A different use of the prompt. I liked it.

  4. Very well worded.Wonderful imagination.
    God bless.

  5. Marja, this is quite the ultimate love tale! The kiss of life/death. Loved this!

  6. MMMMMMMM.......

    Very mysterious......

    Well done, Marja!

  7. Oh my! Transylvania here we come . . .

  8. Hi Marja, tks for the email though I am not sure why you could not comment. This image reminded me when I was little, my dad was really keen on Count Dracula and I had to tag along to watch these movies..scary actually..but lovely poem for sure :P hugs...........M

  9. In this case, a kiss is not just a kiss!! Well composed.

  10. Goodness me! What an interesting poem, and the picture is just perfect. Thanks so much for joining in.


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