Monday, 3 August 2009

Christchurch City in 2009

A walk through my City on Sunday morning
On the square in the centre of the city we bumped into the ice dome. Like the theater we went to in the weekend, this ice dome is part of the Christchurch Art festival which is held every winter. In the dome you can go icekating or look at performances.
The tower of Christchurch Cathedral on the square. The tower is 36 metres high and the spire 27 metres. For a small charge you can climb this tower, from where you have stunning views on the Port Hills
New Regent Street is a street with small specialty shops it was build during the depression and opened in 1931. The Spanish Mission architectual style is beautiful and nowhere else seen in New Zealand
I took this photo a bit longer ago. I like it because it shows Colombostreet from the Hills all the way into the centre of the city


  1. Christchurch is a wonderful place. I love the church pic.

  2. Marja that looks like a lovely place to visit and the history of it is always so interesting!!

    I love the shot from the top of the hill looking down on the city.

  3. A beautiful city no doubt :)

  4. The blue in the church pic seems almost unreal...stunning!

    I would love to visit Christchurch.

  5. Incredible views of Christchurch! Love the brick detail in that church spire!

  6. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

  7. These photos made me feel quite homesick for Christchurch. On cold days we would take lunch & some books & sit in the car, up on the Port Hills looking over the city.


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