Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Climate Change

Sign On - The World Needs Us

World leaders meet at the United Nations world conference about climate change in December in Copenhagen. Now is the time to act and to let hear your voice the protect the poorest from the devastating effects of climate change.
Sign on  Take the oppertunity to take some action to sign up for the above by clicking on it and sign up for the below.

Take part in Blog Action Day and post about climate change on the 15th of October.
New Zealanders send a low resolution photo to Lisa for her project on Blog Action Day
and/or Sign up for Feel the Heat

"By signing the Feel the Heat petition you are calling on New Zealand together with other developed countries to:
  • Reduce emissions to at least 40% below 1990 levels by 2020.
  • Work within the United Nations to ensure that the needs of the world’s poorest people are at the heart of a new global climate change deal.
  • Cut our emissions first, fastest and furthest so that global emissions peak by 2015 and fall at least 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Provide the money and technology needed, independent of existing aid commitments, to help vulnerable people in poor countries adapt to changing climates. "
 Help before it is to late!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Marja, I have a great climate change post wanting for October 15th.

  2. This is interesting Marja, I'll go have a look. tks for the infor.

  3. Thanks for the link up and the other great links! :) :) Thanks for playing too!

  4. Thanks for the info on these! Some great & highly useful links to share :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing,Marja!Very interesting post!

  6. Very inspiring.Hope the world responds!How hv u been?I've a new poem...pls chk it out

  7. I've "signed on", Marja. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Hi Marja! Talking about climate, my country just went through a devastating typhoon. This is an interesting post, thanks for sharing.

    have a nice day!!!:)

  9. Thanks a lot guys and yes I heard about it Iriz It is sad to hear and I hope for your country they get all the help they need in this difficult time. In the future only more of it will happen all over the world if people don't wake up and take responsibility .

  10. Hi Marja, so good to see you out and about. How are things there? I know your weather must be warmer now.

    I'm still trudging along doing this and that, but not as much. How is your family?

    Many hugs sent your way


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