Saturday, 24 October 2009

Climate change actions in Christchurch

Today there were 4500 events in 173 countries for 350 org International climate change Action to call for a clear and bold solution to the climate crisis: reducing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere below 350 parts per million.

In the city centre of Christchurch and in Australia a human sculpture was formed in a 3 shape and 5's  were shaped and photographed from the air in Delhi London Washington and Copenhagen Images will be presented on Time square and in Copenhagen in December

On this side you can see photos send in from people from all over New Zealand
Underneath some of the happenings in Brighton. Unfortunately I couldn't be part of it because I had to work so Julie send me some pictures and I spotted her among the surfers

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  1. That is very good news, Marja. I wish we had the same resolve in the U.S. Unfortunately, big business stops environmental progress, and we also have all the partisan bickering now. Global warming is on the back burner here. Very sad. But thanks for the post. We need action and hope. Hope you are well.

  2. Great post! Especially love the statement in that last photo ~ "There is no Planet B"!

  3. Am all for this, sounds like a really passionate initiative there. Here also green initiatives are on...but then not with a great vigour.

  4. Great post,Marja!And really good pictures!

  5. Thankyou for sharing these photos!

  6. Billy is right, the United States is far too tied up in itself to bring about any real corrective action. Far too many selfish people only worried about their stocks and bonds.


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