Sunday, 15 November 2009

Go All Whites

On the photo the All Whites celebrating after Rory Fallon scored the first goal. New Zealand defeated Bahrain 1-0 in Wellington last night  and won a place in the 2010 FIFA worldcup in South Africa. Yes it is true after
years of struggling NZ is ready to get on the worldmap in the soccer world. I think it is fantastic. I haven't seen soccer for ages as there is hardly any on NZ TV but that might change next year.

The Dutch team was qualified to go to the worldcup a while ago so now there are two teams to cheer for.
I've already got an orange scarf and a orange crown my brother gave me back in Holland to support the team. Now I have to find a white shirt in my wardrobe as well. May the best win and good luck to both


  1. Congrats to NZ!I saw it at T.V.!

  2. An amazing win for New Zealand. Good for our country to be in the world cup games finals. Not that I like or understand soccer at all!

  3. Congratulations! Is this football, soccer or American football or rugby? I don't know the difference between American football and rugby. I know that there is also a team called "All Blacks"in NZ.

  4. No this time it is for soccer Wil

  5. dear Marja, a magnificent win. At times like this I am so proud to be a Kiwi.


  6. Wow! Finally Portugal will also be there; with the World Best Player 2008 - Cristiano Ronaldo - and the others...


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