Monday, 30 November 2009



When you read the newspaper you get messages about the dark site of life; accidents, burglaries, wars. Although I think it is very important to report on these happenings, I think it is equally important to report on
on the bright side to light up the dark. There are a lot of people out there who with quiet determination make a difference. A difference in making the world a better place. One of them is Max. He isn't quiet but made a video on You Tube to raise funds for his trainees to go to the special Olympics. Check him out.

Max is a volunteer swim coach at the North Shore (Auckland) Every Sunday night he is preparing his team to be the best. His team is very happy with him and Max seems very proud of their improvements. Max is 14 years old. Support Max to support his team to go to the Olympics and/or let him be an inspiration to all of us.

What this world needs is a new kind of army - the army of the kind.  Cleveland Amory

And Max will be a general of the army. A great day to you all, Marja


  1. That's a great thing Max is doing and I'm glad you brought it to our attention.

  2. What a wonderful boy Max is! Fortunately there are still some good and wonderful young people.
    You asked if I did the embroidery of the bell rope. No Marja, I don't do embroidery, knitting or sewing. I don't like that kind of work. Years ago I sewed occasionally a dress. Thanks for your visit!

  3. Max is my hero.

    You too, Marja.

    Thanks for keeping the good vibes going!


  4. "The army of the kind"!!! I totally agree with you Marja, there should be more good news stories reported and Max's story is a great example. He is definitely making a hug difference to our world.

    Thanks for your generous comments on my "word" post. When I was in NZ in 1995 we saw dolphins swimming when we were out on boat in the Bay of Islands. I wished I could have jumped in and swam with day I will!!


  5. Kia ora Marja,
    Great stuff. Sometimes I need to be reminded of the goodness there can be in young teens as well. Mine just drives me up the wall with great frequency. Go Max!

  6. I love to hear positive news. You have to admit that New Zealand is pretty good on that score (in general). Much better than the UK I can tell you. Good for him - we do indeed need an army of the kind.

  7. Max is a hero.I like your post and positive news!
    Have a nice day dear Marja!
    Sorry please....I am so busy at the moment!But I haven´t forget you!

  8. Hats off to Max! He is empowering people and being the change!

  9. We need young people like Max to make this world a better place. It is very special what he is doing and I wish him and his team all the luck in the world. Great video he made to catch our attention. :-)

  10. What Suzan said, you are both heros.


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