Sunday, 6 December 2009

Busy season

letterbox in Lyttleton

The Christmas cards are all posted and will find their way..............not to this funny letterbox. I always enjoy the creative letterboxes you see around here regularly. This retired moped has been recycled and is doing a new easy going job.  I will show more letterboxes when I come along them in 2010.

The summer holidays started for part  of the young people already, the others will finish end of this week.  The year is closed off with dinners and BBQ's, which is a delight but not good for the waist. We are going fast towards Christmas. Fast because work is busy. During the holidays we offering courses like Trade Me
which is the NZ E Bay. I loved taking them and become an expert in it. That is in theory . I didn't receive the trading gene from my parents. I also take a course on Picasa and ...............Blogging. Next year there will be more NZ Bloggers on the net thaught by me so be aware.
We are going fast, because there is so much going on. In a week my hubby will visit his family in Holland. It will therefore be a quiet Christmas period for us but I look forward to it. Just relaxing and not having to do much is nice for a change. Today we will raise the Christmas Tree so I am going now to get the gear from
the attic...Noop that was in the past. No attic in NZ. I have to go and find it in the garage. I wish you all
a good season and I will visit you soon, Marja


  1. Hi Marja! It must be a true busy season as we don't see you at the blogosphere! Hope you have a great time!!

    Meanwhile there is a weird bridge waiting for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!!

  2. than I wish you a very happy christmas and a wonderfull new year. (I never write christmas-cards so this is the one for you).
    see William in two weeks!
    have some nice holidays.

  3. That is indeed a creative letterbox Marja and I look forward to other photos in 2010.

    Enjoy your courses and the new found knowledge and I am sure I will enjoy your new Kiwi friends that you bring to the blogosphere.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.


  4. That was a good one- the mail box. Very rustic and creative....i admire such skills. Glad to learn that you teach blogging too.Lovely.

    Enjoy your quiet X-Mas and hope to see your X-Mas tree too.

  5. Funny photo!Yes it´s true it´s a busy season at the moment!Enjoy your quiet christmas and your christmas tree.I am so busy at the moment too!

  6. I am looking forward to seeing more NZ bloggers and of course photos of your country! This letterbox is very original!

  7. I´m busy too with my new learning process ;-).

  8. Have a great Chrismas and een gelukkig nieuw jaar.
    Love Wilma and my alpaca jumper is finished.

  9. "Today we will raise the Christmas Tree so I am going now to get the gear from the attic...Noop that was in the past. No attic in NZ. I have to go and find it in the garage"


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