Friday, 21 May 2010

Clever clothes

Came along this lovely picture here of twins dressed by their geek parents. Ctrl C and Ctrl V Love it. What would you think their parents have on their T-shirts?


  1. Mother Board and Father Board??

  2. Awww! that's so funny and indeed creative!

  3. Marja they probably have:
    Ctrl X = Cut
    Ctrl Z = Undo.

    Really cute kids aren't they.
    Peggy xxx

  4. I don't know why parents dress their twins alike. Or may be it is my problem. I teach two identical sets of twins.

    One set, doesn't dress alike, but you can't tell them apart. So i pretend to give them a medal with their initials. They think it's fun.

    The other set, everyday, they dress alike. Luckily or sad, one had an accident at birth, so when I look carefully, I can tell them apart.

    How's the feeling in Chch with the poor boy.

    Today in Auckland, the weather is beautiful, but also dampened by another accident here.


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