Saturday, 1 May 2010

Weekend mailbox

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angel watching over
good and bad post entering
no judgement is made

Last week it was a real rainy autumn day. It cleared up for a while to let us have a walk through the neighbourhood and I came along this beautiful angel. We can't complain about the rain because temperatures went up again this week to 25 degrees.

Furthermore I have more people at work writing poetry. Julie wrote a pretty little poem. I couldn't find a picture to go with it so I draw quickly something in paint. Not easy though to draw with a computer but fun.

Have a great weekend, marja


  1. An incredible little mailbox! And it looks quite old too! Interesting how it seems to be inserted in a corner of a wall! Great find!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi there!

    That looks like a sad angel but I guess it's because it's in black and white? Haha.

    I love the rain and I envy you for having an autumn and windy season.

  3. That's such a pretty letter box - and I like Julie's poem too.

  4. Last week it was a real rainy autumn day.

    Spring up here has been very dry and I have a feeling summer will be a long and hot. So I am envious of the rain.

    Really nice poem.

  5. Cute, kind of makes me want to put some mail in it.

  6. That is a really pretty mailbox! I like the idea of the mail being "watched over". I mean, who would steal from an angel?

  7. I love the Guardian Angel of the mailbox. Great find and photo.


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