Saturday, 5 June 2010

Unforgettable moments

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Unforgettable Moments
By Marja Blom

Unlocking the door to the remains of yesterday
I enter a Colosseum where a king rules
by the law of Love Learning and Laughter
hardwired and at the essence
of many unforgettable moments

I remember times surrounded by
a rainbow of Love, coloured by angels
warming my heart and sometimes
taking me up to a paradise
where butterflies soar in Ecstasy

I witnessed a hunger to discover
the mysteries of live, fighting to unravel them
squeezing secrets into words, followed by the delight
of the fruits of approval of the master
gratifying every taste bud

I chuckled at the priceless times of laughter
when sparkling wit danced in comfort
with senseless seriousness
letting the soul fly with free spirited wings
lifted by the wind of happiness


  1. I like the winged references. I kind of flew away with your poem. Wonderful!

    help me rwrite Greek tragedies

  2. Poetry is like painting with words! Knap dat je kunt dichten in een vreemde taal. Bedankt voor je bezoekje aan het nu zonnige en zomerse Nederland. Ik zou wel eens naar Terschelling willen.

  3. A wonderful opening line -
    Unlocking the door to the remains of yesterday-

    And then the rainbow, all those colours and beautiful words. Thanks, Marja

  4. Great to be able to look back with a smile of contentment.

  5. This is almost a flat rainbow. Are you getting enough rain yet for your farmers?

  6. 'lifted by the wind of happiness'

  7. Kia ora Marja,
    I just returned from my first adventure into the mountains with Charlie and my new hip. Tara was asking me how I felt when I got there and sat within the view. I was sort of stunned and not able to put into words how my soul felt. So reading your words does it for me. "My soul flew free with Spirited Wings...". Kia kaha!

  8. Thanks Gautami Nice to see you again

    Thanks wil Ja terschelling is een heel mooi eiland Ik ben er met school geweest

    Thanks you elisabeth

    Yes stan I've had a lot of good times and tend to forget the bad ones

    It's an old foto ann It is raining here non stop

    Thanks pam

    I am so happy for you robb Hope you have lots of great adventures coming

  9. This is great and upbeat. Loved it.

  10. Oh what a delightful poem....."a rainbow of love coloured by angels".
    Your poetry and photos warm my soul.
    Wondrous blessings to you, always dear friend.
    Peggy xxx

  11. So much beautiful flight, but I liked the "squeezing secrets into words" imagery. Thanks, Marja!

  12. Lovely Marja. I like the line "squeezing secrets into words"

    Isn't that the essence of poetry?

  13. Beautiful and upbeat. Nice writing!

  14. Very beautiful poem,Marja!You are a very good writer and the photo is wonderful!

  15. the essence of life these words with wings... thank you so much!!!

  16. Hi Marja

    This poem has great imagery. I found much enjoyment reading this poem.

    I have been away mighty long but you are always on my mind in the most adorable way. Thank you for understanding. Cheers.


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