Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A catch for the copier

All forms of text (including text like email), drama, music, art work (including photos), sound, film and layout are automatically unregistered copyright. If any of this is produced it is intellectual property of the creator and you are not allowed to copy it.

A creative common licence allows users to place restrictions and /or make copyright more flexible.  There are several licences available and you can place a logo of the one you want on your website. Mine is on the right side of my blog and has three pictures. The first one means that people are allowed to share anything from my blog but have to attribute or refer to me. The second one means that you can't use it commercially and the third one that you can't change anything.

Yeah right you say lots of people copy and paste. How can I find that out. Yep I know it might be a bit hard but if you really want to find it out it will take time. Above is a widget which shows a picture of the Mona Lisa
If you press play than you see all the pictures found on the Internet which are copies and in these cases alterations from the original. You can put your picture on this website and it will find all the copies from yours.

Another thing you can do is sign up with  Tynt  They let you copy and paste a piece of code in your body of your Blog template.
Go to design - edit html and look for the word body. Copy your code after that.
It notifies you on its side when somebody copied something and when that person paste it it will atomically link back to your side.

I've never worried to much about it, but these are good tools to help prevent people doing the wrong thing.


  1. Not that I think much of my stories but they are at least something totally my own creation. Will have to look into Tynt.

  2. Hello Marja...Happy belated New year :)

    I understand about the copyright part. I dislike and hate it when people copy without asking , some link back, most not. I am actually not interested in the link...I just want them to stop copying..which is close of imposible. I'll check out that link, tks a milli0n..hugs:)

  3. Hi Marja. Very useful information and we need to be aware of copyrights, Although I don't care if people use my photos, I am rather flettered they like enough to pinch them.

  4. Aw Gee, Marja. Now you're gonna put me out of business. lol.
    Nice to see you around!

  5. Some great advice here! I have changed my basic blog template, so I am a little wary of adding more to the template in case I lose all I have done! It's a great idea however!

  6. Thanks for that info. I knew it was out there but hadn't remembered to find it.


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