Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beauty from Italy

I love Italy. Having experienced that your live can change in a minute I learned we have to make the most of it and I am putting together a bucket list. My blogging friend Peggy has one on her blog and I can see it makes you more focused. So on my list is visiting Italy, although that one might have to wait for a bit. Every time I identify a wish I will add it to the list on the right.

What is beautiful in Italy? Architecture, art, nature, music, food to name a few.
I visited the North east of Italy 3 times when I was younger. I went skiing twice in the Dolomites and once we went in summer with my parents for a day trip over the border to Merano, as we stayed in Austria. Absolutely wonderful.

As I said I also love the Italian music and on this video you hear Pavarotti who was one of Italy's great opera singers and you see the work of Pino Daeni who was a great painter. I love the colourful paintings of beautiful people. The love for children is expressed in some of these gorgeous pictures which is another thing I share with the Italiens.


  1. I saw the post and was ready to look out the window to see where you are.

    Ci vediamo da Roma, Marja.

    It's still old, and now with the warmer weather it is crowded.

  2. Ciao Jack. Put the cappuccino ready. Be there in a minute arrivederci

  3. Awesome video, watched it three times while sipping my morning coffee.

  4. From these gorgeous paintings of beautiful women and children, I agree that Daeni had love for children, and I'd add, love for women. Wonderful music that accompanied the beauty shown.

  5. I love Italy too, Marja!

    Thanks for the art.

    Guess I also should be making up a bucket list.

    Love you and hope you are doing well,


  6. I want to visit Italy some day too. I have famiy over there that I have yet to meet. Good luck with your Bucket List....the Bucket lIst movie is one of my faves :)

  7. Carpe Diem ;-)

    Gorgeous paintings. Not a big fan of Pavarotti. I've skied in the Dolomites too, a long time ago. In Canazei.

    I hope you'll be able to cross this wish of your list some day soon ;-)

  8. Great video, Marja.
    Never been to Italy, yet!
    Hope to go someday!

    Margie x

  9. Ah … it was a joy to hear the Pavarotti song, even though I didn’t understand a word of it. Music crosses all boundaries when done this well. I’ve been to parts of Italy and it is marvelously historical … the older the artifacts and buildings, the more beautiful it seems.

    Also, enjoyed your previous post, Marja, especially the man frozen in time in his bath. :)

  10. Marja I would go back to Italy in a heartbeat! My very favourite place was Venice and I also love Tuscany and Umbria. I haven't visited Naples yet so perhaps I should put that on my bucket list.

    Bucket lists definitely make you more focused on your dream.

    That is a gorgeous song and video you have included with this post.

    Take care and big hugs
    Peggy xxxxxxx

  11. Italy is passion, lots of hugs and kisses.

    How are you?


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