Sunday, 1 May 2011

A hug a day keeps the doctor away

I found this video on You Tube: Hug it forwards, with people filmed e.g. in Hamilton and Christchurch hugging each other. Spreading the message that the world becomes a better place when giving a hug. Juann Mann started the Hug campaign in 2004 and it became famous when the Australian band "the sick puppies" wrote the music for it "It's all the same" The Free Hugs campaign was set up as a random act of kindness. It spread around the world and gave a little love all over the place.

Hugging will also send some healing into the world.It has been shown that hugging helps the immune system, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it cures depression, it invigorates and rejuvenates, it delays senility and more. Yes a hug a day does keep the doctor away. Now when you give away a hug, you not only make others feel better but you get a Hug in return which makes you feel better too.

I joined a blogging friend and 3 other hugging women and off we went to Lyttelton market, with a Free Hug sign. People there could use some hugs. It was fantastic. There were all sorts of hugs and we painted a thousand smiles on peoples faces. My favourites were the hug of a mother with a little child and a big strong hug from the police.
We are sure going to do this again and two blogging friends already started with this campaign in January and even made a hugging blog.
You will hear more about this.
A big Hug to you all and Hug it Forwards!


  1. Hi Marja. How nice to know that the hug campaign is still happening. I had no idea. Good for you to carry on the "job". Hug on!!

  2. What an awesome thing to be a part of, Marja! You're right, just a hug from anybody makes your day a bit brighter!

  3. Great initiative Marja! I join the club. :-)

  4. Unless you're hugged by someone with a really contageous disease, like a bad cold or something ;-) So there is hope for doctors yet. But I'm sure you've painted smiles on lots of faces and that alone makes the world a better place. Good for you! People like you make me proud to be Dutch and a Blogger :-)

  5. It was indeed a wonderful day - and the sun even came out for us!!!

    Thanks for posting the link! I will have to hurry up and post a video of the day there :o)

  6. Hugs are so good!
    I love to hug!
    Hugs to you, Marja.

  7. How wonderful! I reckon I have a pretty high hugability rating. I think I'll hug a tree today!Marja, I've just been to a fantastic tulip festival, and naturally I thought of you! Pictures on my blog right now.

  8. What a wonderful thing to do! There's nothing like a great big squeezy hug!

  9. Marja hugging sure does send healing into the world.
    How wonderful that you and your other friends took the time to give your Free Hugs in Lyttelton.
    Bless you and big heartfelt hugs dear friend.
    Peggy xxxxx

  10. Awesome ... I came across this YouTube video a few months ago and absolutely loved it ... glad to know, the random acts of hugging and its benefits continue across my world ... DELIGHTFUL news!! Will check out the hugging blog ... thank you for sharing.




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