Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spring is here

Fun, beauty, creativity is all in the language of Spring wich starts today in New Zealand. I intend to capture a spark of all this in a post but it will only be a tiny fraction of its greatness. And yes I understand lots of you are heading towards autumn and winter (evil laughter on the background)

A new beginning
By Marja Blom

Spring arrives as the earth
awakens from a winter sleep
her  skin sparkling gleefully
the sun warps  kisses on her cheek

A blanket of soft green
stretches all around
covering our mother earth
seeds sprouting from the ground

A fragrance of passion
surrounds the new born land
cherry trees are showing
their sweet pink on demand

The wind whispers secrets
about a baby robin bird
The song from her mother
the finest ever heard

Beautiful art and music 'The four seasons from Vivaldi'


  1. Lovely poem - I'm going to miss the cherry blossom!!

  2. I see the essence of spring with its fresh starts clearly in your poem, Marja. Even though autumn is on its way in my part of the world, I remember how last spring felt and how it brought a sense of hope and renewal. It is hard not to be optimistic in such a season!

  3. Lucky you having spring at your door step. Nice weather, bulbs blooming! Here in Moldova the summer heat is fading and it is very nice right now, but, yes, my first winter in this country is looming and I'm not looking forward to it!

  4. Here its summer and we are heading towards autumn...
    Have a nice spring...autumn...
    Have a nice spring...

  5. Love the pic and poem!Oh gosh, I just noticed you wrote that! Wow!
    Happy Spring!

  6. Hi Marja .. thanks for calling in on my blog - good to meet you .. and I look forward to your Dutch New Zealand posts .. I've a Dutch friend who used to blog - she's in the north part of NZ (I think!) .. plenty of other friends too ...

    I think I might just jump on a plane and come south .. perhaps South Africa - to your new Spring - remember those days well.

    Lovely day here - but the dark is drawing in and it's a little tiny bit cooler -not to say we ever really have hot hot.

    Lovely poem .. the sparkly dew of the new day .. just lovely to think about ...

    Cheers to you and your Spring, roll on ours!! Hilary

  7. What a fascinating video! I enjoyed watching it! I love this music by Vivaldi.A few years ago I bought a large box with CD's by him. All his music is wonderful.
    I hope that your spring is very pleasant and that mother earth will be quiet and calm this coming year.
    Thanks for your visit. The lawsuit will come up by the end of September. I will be glad when it's over.

  8. I see that you have seen Sarah, as we say in Holland when somebody turns 50. Happy belated birthday, Marja.

  9. Great poem!

    Can't wait for cooler weather where I am at, its been a long and hot summer.

  10. Lovley. I'm so happy it's Spring time.

  11. I really enjoyed that Marja. Enjoy the cold start to Spring. Bob

  12. That was a wonderful poem. It engaged my senses and made me experience Spring. Well, I am glad that Spring has sprung for you. May it be a great one. (I liked your photo of Spring).

  13. What a fun image of spring! Nice poem, Marja. I especially enjoy these lines,
    'cherry trees are showing off
    their sweet pink on demand'

  14. Three cheers for Spring Marja! I love Spring and welcome it with open arms.
    Wonderful poem, so expressive!
    Love the photo too!
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  15. Just yesterday I saw a bike like the picture you posted, only it was painted very artistically in aquas and pinks with white flowers on it. It was GORGEOUS. I got tickled, though, because the bike rider was a man and where I live (the American South, redneck country) it would take a lot of courage for a fella to ride a bike like that!

    I wandered over from the BBQ. Love looking at your pics!

  16. Great poem,Marja!


  17. A beautiful Poem Marja.. You have the gift of words.. Spring is just the best time isnt it? as we see the re-birth of Mothers Nature from her slumbers.. ..

  18. Hi Marja! I did not see a recent post but hope you are just busy a bit? I so love your site and your writing. This image is wonderful and your words also. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Do Enjoy!


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