Saturday, 25 February 2012


roots planted in Christchurch

For many, many years I felt rich to live in Christchurch because I could choose a different track to walk every week. We have a Mediterranean like place like Sumner at our doorstep. We went on summer Sundays to the Art centre listening to music while eating something from the stall. I felt very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and wanted to stay.
Now nearly all tracks are closed, Sumner and the Art centre are munted,
and the city is closed. I still want to stay here and at first I didn't know why.
One reason I think is that we belong to the Christchurch family now. People have become more open and friendly. We all went through this together so we all got something in common.
When we have rebuild and the huge fault line goes off, the one which goes through the Southern Alps, and it will go off one day, then we are safe in this city, as it will be earthquake resistant with all the new buildings.
All reasons to stay. We belong here, our roots are here . This is one of the things I talked about with Peggy a blogging friend from Australia with whom I spend a lovely time. Blogging is also a place of belonging, a place filled with beautiful souls like Peggy and another blogging friend she met up with. We are fortunate that our blogs have brought us together.

by martin Locock

Some people are born where they belong,
Their home and family supply all needs:
The glow of hearthlight waxes strong
The call of the wider world recedes.

And some search long but never find
A spot where they can set up base
At last they must become resigned
To moving on from place to place

And some again, the lucky few
Are urged to leave, and to seek out
An individual rendezvous
With love's whisper or fame's shout

Belonging is a state of mind
Tranquility its foremost fruit
Sought by all, but many find
It cannot grow without a root


  1. belonging...such a warm thought
    The tree...what is it? fascinating looking!

  2. I don't know what tree it is. It's in Hagley Park. It is popular with the kids. It is a great one to climb

  3. Iam glad that you feel belonging to a blogging community. You are brave and committed to stay on in Christchurch. Good for you.

  4. Hi Marja .. the tree is beautiful - and what a story .. roots for Christchurch ..

    Sounds like you have it all per Martin Locock's last verse ... you've put your roots down ..

    Would love to know what the tree is .. I tried to find out - but couldn't easily ..

    Cheers - great photo - Hilary

  5. Roots are what give us a sense of purpose and meaning, a reason to nurture and grow! A very beautiful, moving post!

  6. That tree has some impressive roots.

    Nice post :-)

  7. Wow...what a impressive tree.Very beautiful post,Marja!

  8. Great post! I understand the feeling of belonging to a place because I do not feel any deep connection to the small town I live in now.

    I hope that makes some sense.

  9. Amazing tree and lovely poem about community. I think we carry home within our hearts, wherever we go. Some places we feel more comfortable than others and it's nice to feel settled and part of a community.

  10. That tree has such a unique character...happy to know that you live amongst such beauty.As you said blog space gives a sense of belonging, co-existence with a wider world.

  11. What a wonderful post. We have been to Christchurch on three separate occasions in the past few months. I am always amazed at the tenacity, love and bravery I find in the people I meet. I've had the chance to visit with Mayor Parker and his wife and hear stories of the continuing hardships many people face. He made an interesting comment. He said that in other parts of the world when there is a major natural disaster, people are shocked, frightened, devastated, etc., but when it is over they can begin to pick up the pieces, rebuild and move forward. In Christchurch, it is hard to move forward, because of the fear and stress in knowing that another severe earthquake could be just around the corner. On our last visit it was so wonderful to see all the work being done to rebuild your beautiful city. My prayers are with you!!


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