Friday, 3 February 2012

A party in Wijchen

Recently my mum turned 80 and she will have a little party in Villa Sterrebosch above, this Sunday. It is freezing in Holland at the moment so I hope all will be able to come except me of course. These are the moments that you feel far away. As far as the other side of the world. In a bit more than 4 months however I will step on Dutch grounds and we will celebrate it all over again. I can't wait. I hang on the phone with my friend where I will stay one night and I will stay with my cousin for another. I am planning this time to just stick to visit my best friends and close family as other years I didn't have much time for myself. As my son is coming too I want him to see something of the Holland as well.
He wants to see Amsterdam so that's on the calendar and we are going for a week with my mum to Italy. We will make a round trip from Rome to Naples and Pompey, the Vesuvius and Capri and back to Rome. We can't wait.
But for now mum: Ik hoop dat je een fantastisch feest hebt op Zondag. Veel liefs en tot gauw!


  1. Sometimes it's extra hard feeling a long way from home. I spent some time in Holland many years ago and loved it. This will be a special trip for you, and it will be warmer by the time you get there.

  2. Now that sounds like a trip of a lifetime. I hope to see Rome one day.

  3. Oh Marja, it must be hard not to be able to go to your mum's party. But nice to come for a wonderful visit to Europe not too long from now.

    It's still freezing over here. Even better/worse (depends how you look at it), it is SNOWING! Since this morning and there's already a nice fluffy white coat of about 5 cm thick, covering everything. Looks very pretty. I'm taking a break from snow shovelling and sweeping now, but you can't even see what I did anymore. Ah well...

    I hope the snow won't spoil your mum's birthday party.

  4. Gefeliciteerd met je moeder,jammer dat je er niet bij kunt zijn, maar hopelijk kan je het straks allemaal inhalen. Dat wordt een druk programma om iedereen en alles te zien in een korte tijd.

  5. Hey, Marja, that is pretty tough, knowing all and everyone is together with your Mum and you being out there in NZ.
    No doubt you will have a wonderful time when you are here!
    Plenty of snow here right now.
    Happy day!

  6. Marja, Congratulations to your Mums 80th Birthday.. I hope you enjoy your party...
    Yes Europe is in the grip of a very Cold Blast of Icy weather.. We are set to have snow here tomorrow.. its been below zero here all day..
    many thanks for commenting on my blog too Marja.. Stay safe and warm. and yes I agreed with all you said in answer to my post
    love Sue

  7. it is freezing. last night we had almost -20 celcius. but sunday we will be warm at the party and I am going to take my videocamera with me so that I can show you later how it was.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your mom,Marja!
    I can understand your feelings so far away.But soon you go for a trvel together with your family and your mom!I wish I could meet you too when you are in europe.
    Yes,it´s frosty here and slow I hate this winter.I need finally again colours outside and a little bit warm but no heat.


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