Friday, 5 April 2013

A little philosopher

Have you ever pondered if there are other galaxies, if we have free will or what the meaning of life is?  Try to answer these questions and you know how difficult it is. How do we have to approach this? What knowledge do we have? You easily get stuck. When we get older we start to understand more about the world and how we relate to it. We better accept mistakes or acknowledge that we don't know everything. There are people among us who have an innate wisdom and who are able to navigate quite well through this matter. Sometimes he is only 9 years old.

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  1. You know Marja, I clicked onto this video the other day when you posted in my email box and then got caught up in it and other things and never got back to you..

    Well I guess you know my own thoughts on this by now ( Big Smiles ) :-) as I Believe in other dimensions and there just has to be life on other planets..
    The various theories are endless if we delve really deeply..
    But we are but children playing in this what should have been our Garden of Eden,'Earth' and yet we spoil even that...
    I often ponder to what Nature Mankind can call himself... For he is so destructive in all he touches.
    I feel we are learning all be it slowly, I hope so..

    You have given us much to ponder over and I thought this young man has a very old head upon his young shoulders...

    I hope there are many more like him out there..

    This world will be needing them shortly..

    Love and Hugs
    Sue xxx


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