Sunday, 21 July 2013

6.5 earthquake near Wellington

Just called my daughter. She is fine after a 6.5 earthquake hit at 5.09 pm near Wellington in Cook straight, followed by an 5.5, minutes later. "We have a power cut and after shocks keep coming" she said. She was shaken but fine. Yesterday they had another big one. We could feel the two latest shocks here in Christchurch. Our lamp was swinging for a minute.

I am a bit scared as Wellington is located on top of a fault line. Wellington lies within a collision zone between two great tectonic plates and is on top of an active fault line.

Let's hope the best of it. It is all crazy


  1. o.m.g. good luck over there!

  2. Hi Marja .. I have to say I'm quite glad I don't live atop a fault line - but I certainly hope all will be well with everyone ...

    I'll keep an eye open now for news ..

    All the best to you - Hilary

  3. O, wat erg weer een aardbeving. Het was ook op de radio hier. Gelukkig is je dochter veilig.

  4. The last one shook our house in Taranaki for almost a whole was very weird but no damage.

  5. There is always seems to be something in life that can make us feel uneasy. My area is also on a fault line and we are constantly being told that the "big one” is due. But there is nothing like an actually shake to make one sit up and take notice. I know your world has had more than its fair share!

  6. Keeping all of you in my good thoughts and prayers.
    This is scary, indeed!
    Take good care, Marja

  7. Let's hope everyone will stay safe, and that the earth will settle.

  8. That must have beens cary for your daughter and worrying for you. Glad she is okay. Wow feeling it in Christchurch too Thats a long way. It is sad that such a beautiful country is sitting on such a destructive site.

  9. It certainly must be so scary for your daughter Marja and for you too being her mother.

    Keep a close eye on the situation and tell her to come back to Christchurch if your intuition guides you that way.

    Love and light being sent to your daughter and you.
    Peggy ♥♥♥

  10. Oh yes,I heard it at the news at T:V. and I thought to you and your family!It´s good to hear you all are okay!
    Take care,Marja!

    We have such a heat wave here at the moment!I don´t like it and temperatures till 40°C!

  11. Oh Marja , ik hoop dat jullie geen last hebben van aardbevingen. Nieuw Zeeland is zo mooi! Hopelijk is je dochter veilig.

  12. Yes I saw this Marja, and was thinking of all my friends in NZ... I hope there is not another bad one again too.
    Sending you love
    Sue xxx


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