Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bucket list

bike on Make A Gif

My first animated GIF. I actually had no suitable pictures but was too lazy to make some. These were the only pictures in a range. 
Is this GIF funny Noop, It actually can drive you nuts. Is it relevant?  It is sort of relevant because these beautiful bikes are in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and that's were I am going next year to visit my family and friends. Yeeh

I had another first time this year as I have snorkeled when we were in Vanuatu. Something I always wanted to do so I had it on my bucket list. It was an absolute paradise under water. I ticked off some more things from my bucket list:

I had coffee with my daughter in Wellington not long ago

I learned to meditate.

I learned some SLR camera skills Still some work to do here as I tend to put the camera on automatic . My husband gave me the camera a few years ago. He knows I love photography and said that he didn't want to waste money on jewellery, that a camera was far more useful. You know what I think he is right. I love my camera.

The good thing about making a bucket list is that things actually start to happen and I can nearly tick off even more:

My lovely friend Peggy, who I got to know through blogging, invited me to ride on a Segway with her. This is going to happen next week.

I am also going to swim with the dolphins This was actually a present for my daughter but she isn't able to come home before Christmas to use the voucher so I am going to swim myself :)  

I am going to add something else to my bucket list: volunteering abroad. I am inspired by one of my best friends who is going in December to Delhi to volunteer for a month in an orphanage. I am so proud of her. I already found a great organisation were I could pass on my computer skills and asked my friend to visit Saalam Baalak, if she has time:

Do you have a bucket list or something you still wish to do?


  1. Hi Marja .. that's great you're going 'home' next year to the Netherlands .. well done on the GIF .. I've no idea about those. Clever hubby - so much more worthwhile to you ... you definitely enjoy your camera.

    How amazing that you're going to swim with the dolphins ... and ride a segway ... wonderful ... sorry that your daughter can't be with you for your dolphin swim ...

    The Saalam Ballak Trust - looks like an amazing institution ... thanks for sharing with us ...

    Thanksgiving is coming in the States, and though we don't celebrate it here .. we can all give Thanks and remember others at this time .. cheers Hilary

  2. I like your moving gif loop. As far as learning how to do new things, animation is a tough one. You might need several lifetimes to complete your growing bucket list. I think bucket lists should never be finished because when they are that could be our end as well. :)

  3. Wow, ain't you becoming plumb accomplished!

  4. Just for myself, I want to visit Italy and see the ruins in Rome.

    1. Oh I've been there It is beautiful Hope you get to go there

  5. You are doing a great job and you have a great bucketlist too. I have a short bucket list. One wish is: I should like to do the Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast, sailing from fjord to fjord up to the north of Norway

  6. I should like to see my grandchildren being happy and good people with happy and loving parents.
    Wil,ABCW Team.

  7. It has been awhile since I last visited. Enjoyed several of your posts and photos. Keep up the good work.. Winter in Ohio U.S.A. where I live.. Spring is my time of year LOL

  8. Wonderful Bucket list you are now happily travelling through dear Marja.. And volunteer work is most commendable and rewarding.. Yes I have one thing upon my Bucket list.. and you are doing it.. Swimming with the Dolphins. WOW.. Most Magical.. Please let us know how it went and I hope some one is clicking the camera.. :-) to share ..

    Have a wonderful day.. Love and Hugs Sue xoxoxoxox


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