Monday, 16 October 2017

Becoming whole again

Becoming whole again

The dark moon throws a blanket of 
gloom covering my comprehension
and motionless I linger with a loss of
direction like a sloth hanging upside

down from a tree. Looking at the
world in novel ways, I contemplate.
The new moon reflects the birth
of light, this sight of a bright lining

ignites hope, which like seeds of
expectation grows on the fertile
ground of the mind. Ideas sprout
from the shadows 
and worm along

like the whispers 
of lovers meeting
in secret places 
where dreams
become the forethought 
and focus
of a path lined with wild 

refusing to be domesticated, spreading
fragrance, which like a fountain 
moon dust sprinkles its wisdom to
heal the world, to become whole again


  1. Hi Marja - the idea of being a sloth and looking at the world upside down is an interesting one! But with ideas sprouting and worming their way into my thoughts ... a fun world you've created for us ... heal the world and make it whole again ... cheers Hilary

  2. This has a magical quality to it. I like the image of the sloth hanging from the tree.

  3. The sloth analogy works beautifully!

  4. You capture for me that instant of fertile motionlessness when I--like a sloth, like a seed, like a lover's whisper--feel the urge toward wholeness. Fine images!

  5. really luv these lines
    "we linger with a loss of
    direction like a sloth hanging

    upside down from a tree. "

    Happy Wednesday Marja

    much love...

  6. "this sight of a silver lining / ignites hope"...the path to fruition, so full of possibility. Beautiful.

  7. Ohh I love this especially; "like the whispers of lovers meeting in secret places where dreams become the forethought and focus of a path lined with wild flowers".. Beautifully penned.

  8. Hi Marja, I too love the idea of the sloth. A super write.

  9. Like the final stanza and refusing to be domesticated.

  10. This was magical and deep for me. I love it!

  11. I love sloths! In spite of the non-optimistic beginning, this poem has much hope in it.

  12. How I love this poem........especially the moon dust, to make our world whole again. If only. A beautiful poem.

  13. I love the long sentences – and the sentiments.

  14. ignites hope, which like seeds of
    expectation grows on the fertile
    ground of the mind.

    Love the idea that one can fall back on hope for many a time!


  15. Magical! There's something deep and beautiful in your whole piece, and I especially love this line "...refusing to be domesticated,"
    Brilliant write, Marja!

  16. Each of your poems is better than the last. I like it very much.

  17. Such beautiful imagery here. I hope those wild flowers really do sprinkle wisdom. Lovely writing!

  18. Love the sloth image, and "the fertile ground of the mind." Beautiful, Marja!

  19. Lovely, Marja. Such optimism. We do need that hope to be ignited & the world to be healed.

  20. I like the concept of the dark, new moon being a symbol of hope rather than despair, Marja. And yes, I liked the image of the sloth also!

  21. For one day I could be a sloth. Why not? Sometimes I think the world is upside down right now.
    I'm sorry for being late with comment. Greetings from Poland.


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