Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Winter Wonderland

Prompt Poets United: Winter
It's nearly summer here but I have never written a poem about winter so here we go

Winter Reflections

Colours have faded 
A grey curtain has been
pulled over the land
The leaves have left
The streets are silent
A clattering orchestra of
rain breaks the stillness
I sit by the crackling fire till
darkness wraps around me

In the morning the dim light and
fog meet in mysterious ways
Diamond dust has covered the land
Sun's feet walk over frosty grass

glancing through the windows
of dangling dew drops
reflecting itself into nature
Like our soul reflects our
nature into the world

A brilliant blue sky
announces beauty
we leave for the mountains
The cold breath of winter has
whispered into the starry night
Turning ice crystals into snow
It’s weight softened into
crevices, smoothing it into
a shiny silvery robe.
Fit for the majestic mountain
who looks at his likeness
in a serene glassy lake
Like my eyes mirror the
wonder of this winter land


  1. The sights and sounds of winter vividly described!

  2. You’ve done remarkably well describing winter in summer. My favorite line because it is so exactly right and music to my ears, “A clattering orchestra of rain breaks the stillness”.

    1. It was my favourite line too Penelope. Marja is a great poet, love reading her creations.

  3. Oh, so vivid is the orchestra, the fire, the dim light meeting fog---and the Mountain is totally alive.

  4. The dim light and fog meet in mysterious ways. As if cold and warmth have had a clandestine meeting and we are witness to their parting. I like how the ice crystals become softened into snow. Not sharp but smooth.

  5. Oh how lovely! Especially the shiny silvery winter, I love indoors, staying cozy and hibernating, like a bear! It suits my hermity nature so well.

  6. Especially love the "diamond dust" image, having experienced he same just moments beforE coming inside & reading this wonderful work.

  7. New Zealand is a most beautiful country and clearly was a great inspiration in writing this. What a great poem this is.

  8. I think you have captured winter. These lines are my favorite.

    The cold breath of winter has
    whispered into the starry night

  9. Perfect. So many wonderful images in this poem. Diamond dust, the shiny silvery robe. How you can conjure winter in the spring is incredible.

  10. I love the way you started your poem, Marja, with the lack of colour, leaves and sound, and then brought the whole scene to life with the ‘clattering orchestra of rain’, the crackling fire, and then the morning joy on discovering it has snowed overnight.

  11. The sound of the crackling fire and the diamond dust covering the land...both perfect descriptions experienced when snow has fallen. You have given winter fine poetic expression...

  12. winters make the Earth a wonderland all white with gems of brown breaking through..inside fire crackles giving warmth or in some places coal is burned in small iron containers outside beside the guarding gates.Lovely poem

  13. You made winter sound magical! I'm experiencing summer here in Florida.

  14. I love "diamond dust" and
    "The cold breath of winter has
    whispered into the starry night
    Turning ice crystals into snow"

    Stunning poem, Marja!

  15. Summer use to be my favorite time of the year. Now it's fall and winter, I guess that means I'm getting old.


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