Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Creativity during lockdown

One of the good things of isolation is so many people being creative and showing their talents or just having some plain fun

I really enjoyed going to storytelling nights here in Christchurch. Storytelling is an ancient Art which should be preserved for generations to come.
I went to a professional storyteller and she was amazing. Her name is Shonaleigh Cumbers.
She is a renowned storyteller from the Yiddish oral tradition. 

Of course they can't perform at the moment so professionals from all over the world setup a website were you can listen to their tales. Underneath is the story telling of Shonaleigh. If you enjoy it you can make a donation on the website World story telling Cafe

Reiko a friend of mine is a pianist and plays every day of lock down a piece of music. She also played my favourite Air by Bach

Can't miss the family lock down Boogie  by Jack Buchanan who is in lock down with his parents and sister in Wellington NZ

And have done some dancing myself. Haha Had my wrist broken
but could still dance.

During the filming of this video a message came in so don't get scared
 I also read a poem on Facebook

Have you done something creative at home or on the internet during lock down?


  1. Trying to write some fiction but it's slow. I work at a hospital and when I come home I usually crash on the couch and rest.

  2. Your dance is wonderful, Marja, and your moves as smooth as silk. I smiled all the way through! Thanks for sharing the joy of music and dance from your corner of the world.

  3. My main activity during lockdown is decluttering. It's a never-ending job. My neighbor is a young pianist, so I've got background music, and that's rather nice.

  4. Storytelling is such an interesting activity!

  5. Loved the videos, especially the Bach, and as for your moves... go gal! I'm just writing more. I used to occasionally embed a recording of myself reading alongside my blog stories. I may just try it again!

  6. Hi Marja - so glad everyone's being creative ... so enjoy all the dancing, singing along and lots of laughter.

    PS Hope the shakes have stayed down there ... and don't erupt. A settlement I hope - all the best with all - Hilary

  7. It's an interesting time where families are getting creative! Thanks for sharing these tidbits!


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