Thursday, 13 June 2019

Building bridges

Prompt for Poets United Bridge

Learning to build bridges

We had opposite perspectives
bleeding a river between us
the other side too far to hear
too far to hear the need
to be received
too far to hear the need
to be recognised

Crashing waves
attacking the river quay
Creating a wall of water
formed by a rejective attitude
formed by the need to be right
to fight in this age of rage
with nothing to win
to be superior
to brand mark you inferior

Till the silence is
audible and awful
the emptiness heavy
I won the war but
lost a connection
lost your affection

The wall came down and
I learned to build that bridge
over this stream of separation
I walked across and
explored the other side
I learned about you
learned to see the
the light in your eyes
with which you have
seen the darkness

I painstakingly moved
some rocks and added some
of yours which comfortably
into the new landscape
and even when I crossed
back to my side again
We became closer


  1. Marja, i wish everyone, and especially world leaders, would look at those with whom they differ with this willingness to hear each other's reality. This is a wise and wonderful poem.

  2. Oh, that need to be right is where all problems stem. As Dr Phil once said, you want to be right or happy? A question I always ponder, when the ego threatens to undermine the bridge. Brilliant poem, Marja!

  3. That wall of water needs to be bridged in every sphere of our life. This is so beautifully written. Love every imagery here.

  4. “I won the war but lost the connection … “ : Most people are by nature bridge builders I think but the small percentage who aren’t end up with too much power in unfortunate cases. It's the old game of divide and conquer.

  5. I feel so lucky living in a country like Australia that is trying hard to accept everyone as worthy as any other citizen. Our country is sucessful because of an immigration policy from many years back. Even I am an immigrant! However we are not perfect as we only accepted native people as citizens in the 1960's and are currently quite selective on who is granted citizenship today. We do however mix quite well which seems to be our fashion in giving everyone a fair go...but sadly not perfect...yet!

  6. This is incredibly deep and powerful, Marja!❤️ Especially love; "I walked across and explored the other side I learned about you learned to see the the light in your eyes."

  7. A mighty fina allegory. I was glad the speaker crossed back having learned. But so far, she has done all the work and now must wait to see if--in some small part--it can be reciprocated.

  8. For every bridge builder there seems to be dozens of people who just want to sow chaos. Great writing!

  9. Great piece.

  10. This is so, beautiful, raw, and real~
    Bravo, for going there-it is so, touching and as we should live!
    We should all try to see other people's light, not just their shadows~

  11. Hi Marja - such a brilliant thought provoking poem ... oh why can we all not see life like this; as Ella mentions, and as you mention ... I learned about you - and yes we can see and share life with our differences - they (mostly) enhance our enjoyment of life. Such a good poem - beautiful words ... love it - cheers Hilary

  12. Marja,
    It is so good when broken relationships between individuals, or indeed countries, can be repaired by a coming together with commonality, or mended hearts. A bridge provides direction for both sides...

  13. Lovely bridge, and as usual, a great poem!
    A bridge connects, but also separates. It will depend on the two parts/sides whether to be connected or separated. A lot of work has to be done about that.

  14. Always good to travel to the other side of the bridge. Lovely poem, Marja!

  15. even when I crossed
    back to my side again
    We become closer

    - that close is wonderful...!!!!

  16. More of us need to build bridges to strangers.

  17. Oh you are good my friend! What a brilliant poem, a great beginning, middle and I love your ending.
    I guess for me, the most thought provoking line is "I won the war but lost a connection".
    Namaste and big hugs
    Peggy xxxx

  18. Well done. Better send this piece to Donald Trump.

  19. I only wish more would truly read the words of your poem and the meaning behind them Marja.. So many people now never compromise.. Its MY WAY is right and Your Way is wrong.. No one ever meets in the middle and is prepared to build that bridge to the other side...
    Both sides loose, because we then remain Islands!... and if you cannot learn to pick up an oar,or create that link... Sad so sad how people and politicians are today
    Much love dear Marja <3


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