Saturday, 18 July 2020

Gold at the end of the rainbow

Gold at the end of the rainbow

Life shakes people to the core
Sadly like a split apple they lose
their wholeness. I wish them well
But do not despair if your shiny
coat is somewhat shrivelled

Because inside that rumpled coat
are pockets of delight where the light
punctures holes in the darkness,
leaking raindrops dispersing
white light, colouring our lives

Like the red of mums with ember hearts
turning teeny weeny human pouts
into glowing grins between pomegranate
cheeks. Her hands guiding and pointing
them in the direction of tomorrow

Like the orange sun, peeking every
morning over the edge of the earth
to welcome us to a day of new possibilities
Rising to the task to help the green grass grow
to soften our feet as we move forwards

Like the blue of the suits off Heroes
The supermen of today who go incognito
to help the homeless, protect the planet
collect cash for a cause or serve the sick
in their war of the world with weapons of love

Like tulips, yellow and violet cup shaped
flowers, resting as high priests on stems
reminding us of Holland where they
sprout up in fields in a carnival of colours
and burst out of buckets on markets

All proving there is gold at the end of the rainbow

Sunday, 12 July 2020

One Mother's Stone

One Mother's Stone

She holds a stone against her heart
her rock in wild weather
as a storm whirls and swirls
in the shadow of her mind
sinking into her stomach
settling into a soft swelling
She breathes deeply to sweep
away the sensations she feels
as her child suffers.
She utters that the world
spits out the slow
not made for this show
of efficient, proficient achievers
to fill the masters pockets faster

That’s not fair to say
But hey, doesn’t every flower
deserve to bloom
even if it is just for one day
She feels this weight  
she consults the stone
and puts it down to rest
Moving lightly through this world
wishing she could give him, her eyes
to see magic through silvery mist
but all she can do is sit aside
his slow moving river
invested with toxins
Sprinkling some sunshine
plucked from her heart
Hoping, yes always hoping, that
one day, she can throw this stone away

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Bohemian Girl

Bohemian Girl
Painting by Nava Lundy

Bohemian Girl

Society moulded her into
submission, yet her surrender
was only skin deep. She tries
to cut the straining strings
but throws away the machete
and steps outside her mind

Her need for stuff slides
like a silk sheet of the bed
Her riches become purple
paintings, sunflowers
laughter and conversations
under the weeping willow.

She builds a house without walls
where her heart sleeps on the floor

of the forest and the fields
Like a wild breeze she stirs
the leaves of ignorance

and burns truth on pages

The covers of her book
ooze colour and openness
The ones reading her
sense love and peace
sense a free spirit
The spirit of a bohemian girl

Friday, 12 June 2020

A day at Lake Tekapo

I wrote a poem about Lake Tekapo where we stayed for a long weekend 2 weeks ago. We were incredibly lucky as we had a clear blue sky during our stay. A week later there was snow and everything was grey. Anyway words can't capture the beauty of this country.

For Poets and Storytellers United
Poetry Pantry

A day at Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo wakes up with an
orange aura crowning the mountains
The sun suddenly jumps up 
rolling a golden robe down a hill
Rays reach a red-brown bare tree
change it into a flaming torch
Fog tucked along the shore like pillows
urged on by the rising sun
to scatter over the lake like ghosts
dancing on the sound of singing water

I watch this wonderland framed by
the window of the charming Church
of the Good Shepherd
which sits like a sphinx
lapping the milky blue water
My musing mind drips down
like wax from a candle
the flame of peace prevails when
I digest this nectar for the soul
Penetrating beauty provided
profusely by Mackenzie country

At night the sun ducks down
draping a ribbon of red
as a last goodbye
before leaving the sky
before pulling down the black curtain
Time for the theatre to start at
this place where you gaze at
the milky way nailed to the night
by street lights of the sky
drenched in space dust
painted on canvas by the divine

He Whenua Ataahua

Sunday, 10 May 2020

The song of butterflies

I feel sad about the situation in the world. Like the rest of the world we have been in lock down here. We were for about 6 weeks and this week we go to to level 2. This means shops and cafes open with strict guidelines on social distancing. We only had 2 new cases today from existing clusters of Corona. No community spread. Although we have to be vigilant and shouldn't relax too much we also feel reasonably safe  thanks to the quick response of our PM Jacinda Ardern

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The song of butterflies

There is thin glass between
beauty and nothingness
Sometimes I see the flowers
But cannot feel the bliss
of the eruption of colours
in the tulip fields
Pure white
Sometimes I see the lake
But fail to feel the serenity
like you find in a monastery

I have vanished into the vacuum
on the empty side
filled with the air of the night
ignorant to the light on
the dark side of the moon
I drown in the murky water
of sorrow

I go on a pilgrimage
to find an oasis of calm
I Unleash my heaviness
Let it drop like a waterfall
drizzling onto some rocks
let it thunder
into a turquoise pool

As I continue my journey
through the fields of life
over its damp dark earth
suddenly a swarm of
Monarch butterflies
fill the air, their wings
flutter in a song
I sing with them

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Your name

A poem for poetry pantry

Your name

I cling to the sound
of the syllables in your name
I call them out loud into the woods
listen for the echo of your being

I pause when the wind
whispers your name
into silvery chimes
till it presents a poem

When tracing your name
in soft sand, I think of
your touch, a soothing vibration,
gently growing in crescendo

Your name a signature
of love, placed upon my heart
igniting a fire inside, burning
wild wood till silence lingers

Oh how I love the bliss of your kiss
love the smile etched in your eyes
I carve your name into the moon,
let it 
shine into an ocean of emotion

This night, before I can say
your name, the sky gets decorated 

with a thousand shining stars
when you take me in your arms