Friday, 10 March 2023

A love letter to wildflowers

Magaly from Poets and storytellers united invited us to the prompt 'writing love letters to wildflowers'. I took it literally this time :)


A Love letter to wildflowers

The field is painted with wildflowers
strokes of purple, blue and white
I want to follow your trail
and get lost in your beauty
I love you whimsical wildflowers
I love how your delicate
petals dance in the wind
soft and sensual
I can’t contain you
You are wild and free
You allow me to live in your image
Your strength to survive and
withstand the strongest winds
inspires me, requires me
to stand strong, like you do
in any impossible space
Let me meet you there
to show me what real beauty is
I love you wonderful wildflowers

Friday, 3 March 2023

In the face of disaster

 Rosemary from Poets and storytellers United invited us to write about ‘In the face of disaster…’

In the face of disaster

While destruction
sits at the same table
as devastation
dark and heavy
droplets of colour stick to it
pouches of light float in the stillness
There is a wave of compassion
People share and care
Someone receives a hug
big, soft and warm
It smothers the silence

Friday, 24 February 2023

I's been a long time coming

 Poem for poets and storytellers united

I's been a long time coming

It’s been a long time coming
I live my best life now
I keep my head up high when
tested by life’s twists and turns

I am my own hero
when facing my fears
conquering my shadow
overcoming obstacles

I build my boundless path
like an ancient stone mason
with the mission of my higher mind
creating sacred stepping stones

I go with the flow
on silver drops in a silver sea
shining proudly in pale moonlight
moving on the rhythm of reality

Friday, 17 February 2023

A quest for freedom

Magaly at Poets and storytellers United invited us to write poetry or prose inspired by the following Neil Gaiman quote: “Life is always going to be stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be convincing, and life doesn’t.”

It did get inspired and let it flow in the way it wanted. Not quite there yet but this is it for now.

A quest for freedom

Walking through the world of fiction
Structured to meet our needs
the unexpected becomes expected
Fiction was born in a bed of reality
covered with sheets of fantasy
A place where we hide from a world,
wackier and wilder than fiction

The wild might hide behind a mask
we might not read between the lines
Behind the curtains of our social structure
lives a peaceful person and a vicious villain
lives a poet and a painter
lives a conspiracy theorist and a realist
wild berries growing against their walls

Walls of rooms we decorate
with our truth and believes
We sell our truth to buy belonging
living on the edge of a lie
The unpredictable becomes predictable
We speak in our local language,
our lives become routine
like we are radars in a machine

Let the truth lean against the freedom
Write love letters to wild flowers
Let your naked soul soar on a breeze
Your legs might tremble but
your heart will be on fire when
you knock on the door of the exotic
Speak the language of love
Become the hero in your quest

Saturday, 11 February 2023

Recipe for a human


Ron Muec
Ron Muec 


A Recipe for a human

Take the fruit of evolution
Sift out the intelligence, make it into a solution
Stir in a bowl a spoon of fear taken from a memory
 a cup of happiness extracted from a melody
a pinch of C'est la vie

 Pour a billion words in a blender
 till you get a social stew
Spread it on a layer of gender
 Add the mixture from the bowl
Heat it in the oven of life
Garnish with a purpose and a soul

Add some creativity and fantasy
Take it with love and sensitivity
and a sprinkle of forgive-ity
which guarantees longevity

Friday, 13 January 2023

Dancing in the rain

poetry and storytellers United

Do we have control over our life? The wheel of fortune is always turning. The goddess Fortuna spins it at random and we might suddenly suffer misfortune, or we might have some luck. We are not in control of that. We do have control over how we react to it. Of course, we need to work through loss and pain. It does help however to have a laugh in difficult times to ease it up a bit. We had some great laughs in between the tears during the earthquakes in Christchurch.
It made it a lot more bearable. 

Dancing in the rain

When the wheel of fortune points to storm
The radiant sun, may still shine
in the blue eyes of a small
or the green eyes of a big friend
which then reflects in mine

When the angry thunder fills the air
Just dare to dance in the rain
With light and tender moves 
Step outside the shadow of sorrow
Tango like there is no tomorrow

When our skies darken
Blend its tears with laugher
There is an opportunity to grow
So pierce the clouds and rise above
and tell the storm to bugger off