Friday, 22 September 2023




When I am tangled into strings of struggle
When I ask and answers are concealed
I remember that pearls unfold
in the quiet shelter of a shell

I sit back and time turns into vapour
my mind becomes a river
which flows through my veins
It glitters like rain in golden light
I dive into this pool of creation
Go down, deeper and deeper 
into the ocean of the universe
emerge with the crest of a wave

I caught a glimmer of this timeless world
Does wisdom and wonder reside here?
I add frosted jewels to my truth from
this whirlpool full of mermaid tears

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Thoughts matter

Magaly from Poets and Storytellers United invited us to create poetry or prose which includes the words: storm, ink, love

 Thoughts matter

When a storm of thoughts crushes you
focus on the whisper of your breath
The gloomy gusts will fade
the world will smell of wonder
it fills with peace, fresh like waves
washing upon the shore of your mind

Paint your thoughts with intention
Spill your ink in glorious colours
Imagen love and love becomes a
warm breeze brimming with fragrance
Imagen courage and courage becomes
a yellow flame piercing the sky

A smile will be carved on your face
creating an echo into the world
Every thought, every action
is a beat on the universal drum
Let the drum talk of love
Its music will make our hearts sing

Thursday, 24 August 2023



Magaly from Poets and Storytellers United invites us to write about muscle memory.
I don't have much of that because of dyspraxia So I spread some awareness.

Dyspraxia is an inability to plan coordinated movements. The praxis of the brain tells the muscles which ones to tense and which to relax to perform a task. Now these messages are not coming through properly. When my body doesn’t know what to do, there is not much feedback for the muscle memory in the brain.

When I did a Tai Chi class a while ago, I heavily relied on watching the others and copying them. Now as I don’t always know what my body is doing and my short-term memory is compromised as well, this is not fool proof.
So, on a bad dyspraxic day, it is sometimes better to throw in the towel or just do my own little dance. lol
Things get better when you are older, and you also learn to accommodate for it.


Walking and talking together
tugs me into a slanted line
Thoughts in tatters on stained paper
Fingers getting lost on the keyboard
Being floppy and slow as a sloth
Scarce muscle memory 
Sitting up straight a drudgery
My body a lost battleship
bumping into breaking waves
till tired wood drifts drunkenly

Dyspraxia hangs around me
like an invisible ghost
I can’t shake if off
But even if frustration
leaks from all my pores
It made me resourceful
It made me break through walls
Gave me the willpower of a warrior
It made me return to the world
to drink in the light
which blurs the edges
of flowers in twilight
to inhale the smell
of the warming earth
to sense the magical melodies
which makes you dance
even if you were not supposed to

Friday, 11 August 2023

A seed in the shadow


A seed in the shadow

Why do I cry for the one who
lives his problems but not his solutions
A veil of fear blinding his sight
his feet stumbling in the dark
invitations to the light unopened

A loved one is lost in the forest of life
What will unmask my smile?
The day he will find his way
The day he doesn’t have to look 
for the snake in the grass anymore

I have learned to strengthen my soul
and swallow the sun to pass on the warmth
to the seeds failing to germinate
They are in need as they don't realise
they were always complete

Thursday, 27 July 2023

My Pleasure

Rosemary from Poets and Storytellers United asked us to answer the question:

What pleases you?

My pleasure 🙏

My two left hands are not helping hands
I won’t cook or knit for you
I will learn, laugh and sit with you

It pleases me when I am able
with a smile and some silliness
to create a cocoon in your heart
from which a thousand butterflies
rise and sour in joy and your sorrow
becomes a distant cloud for now

It pleases me when I am able
to help you take a step 
in the direction of your dreams
or gently weave a silver strand
into your tapestry of knowledge
or alter it to create new colours

It pleases me to hold your hand
to listen and find the pages
which are written in your soul
where your poetry resides
with lines about your strength 
and your beauty ingrained inside 

Arohanui 💖

Saturday, 22 July 2023

I walk in wonderland



walking in wonderland

In the morning when
the shadow shifts
I turn my gaze towards the
illuminated sky dressed in rags

The clouds move forwards
pushed by the wind to make space
for the song of the korimako who
enchants with his chiming melody

The tree branches move freely
unlike the people who run
to gather for the winter 
not noticing the sparkle of summer

My steps are light as
I walk around the land
with hardened lava rocks
I leave them behind

A glimmer of hope grows
on the slope of the hills
It tastes like the sweat
soft flesh of a strawberry