Thursday, 22 July 2021

Lines and Lyrics from Christchurch - Otautahi

Riverside Market

Lines and lyrics from Christchurch - Otautahi

Lyrics of liveliness linger around
the Riverside market where
Christchurch folk gather around
picnic tables, chatting and consuming
pitas, pie and prawn pad Tai
conspiring to taste tangible moments
The tram trundles through the streets
on the rhythm of life in a resilient city
where orange cones sit like scattered
notes, in streets straight as chorus cords

Lament of relics of earthquake events
have settled like soft syllables on foreheads
of people who smile when the sunlight
leaks on their latté on the terrace at the
Art Centre Café, while a punter pushes
the flat-bottomed boat on the Avon
under an admiring sky scanning
a composition of tones of tender green
in harmony with daisies and daffodils
in this pleasant potpourri in Hagley Park

In this garden city, people walk on paths
curved like snakes on pale puffy hills up
to the rim, to be hypnotised when looking
in the aqua blue eye of Lyttleton harbour
Thoughts and trees reflect in this water
creating an ancient old hymn.

On the other side the Pacific laps
at the shore like a lullaby, pacifying
the passer-by, strolling on soft sand
All over people sing with silver tongues
the songs of belonging in lines and lyrics
that intone the strength, resilience
and charm of a city that harbours us

Arohanui Christchurch 💗

Punter in Hagley Park


Lyttelton Harbourt

Art Centre

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Message in a bottle

For Poets and Storytellers United

I have been writing little poems for birthdays.
They aren't all ready yet.
I found these gorgeous message
in a bottle thingies and handed over
the first poem in the bottle to a motorbike
friend of my husband who celebrated his 65th birthday.
Hope I can still buy more of them.
Aren't they gorgeous

 I printed out the following and put it in the bottle. Nigel read it back to me and he loved it

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Travis Wetland

Poem for Poets and storytellers United

Travis Wetland is one of the places I go for a walk sometimes. It is the largest wetland area in Christchurch 56.5 hectare
It has the second largest gathering of birds and there are about 700 Pukeko's in winter overthere 

I read this poem at the Wild Otautahi Poetry Evening  You can listen to all poem at:

Voices from Christchurch

Travis Wetland

Te Reo o Te Repo
The voice of the wetland
whispers with misty breath
from the otherworld
through the trembling reeds
and the tender grasses standing
strong in the shallow water
Swamp sounds of secrecy
signalling the squirming eels

Te Reo o Te Repo
The voice of the wetland
Scattered sounds, of dabbling 
ducks, of gabbling geese
Two black swans perform
a pas de deux on the lake
gliding gracefully in synergy
adored by the swamp flax
stretching on the water’s edge

Te Reo o Te Repo
The voice of the wetland
calls me to this untamed world
A canvas filled with green and blue
The low smudge of the Port Hills and
silhouettes of shags on the skyline
In the foreground, the blue breasted
Pukeko completing this perfect
painting made by mother nature



Pied Shag

Tuesday, 1 June 2021


The prompt for Poets and Storytellers United is Uncommon, Unusual and/or Uncanny
I thought I use some uncommon poetry forms and I found the Echo verse and The Bop
I enjoyed these ones

Echo verse
Repeat the end syllable(s) of each line


I am a bit unusual. unusual
is a way that surprises, surprises
happen when you to dare to be different, end
of question, question
this because difference divides, divides
people into lovers and haters, haters
don’t respect your way of being, being
yourself is however the only way to be, Be 



  • 3 stanzas
  • Each stanza is followed by a refrain
  • Frist stanza is 6 lines long and presents a problem
  • Second stanza is 8 lines long and explores or expands the problem
  • Third stanza is 6 lines long and either presents a solution or documents the failed 
    attempt to resolve the problem


A call for superman

It is not uncommon to wish
for a clean and green and caring world
To reflect and act to heal mother earth
In times of greed we need to find a road 
to reach Liberté, égalité and fraternité
To sow seeds of love to grow world peace 

I call for superman to save the world

Before I change the world
I have to start with myself
To get healthy first would be wise
to spend some time on exercise
I need to find peace and meditate
I have to work to pay the rent
If I am not sleep deprived it’s fine
I might have time on Sunday at nine

I call for superman to save the world

We need a new hero who has a dream
Who persuades us to a peaceful protest
To remove our blinds so we can see
Leads us from consumerism to minimalism
so we can eat, have the love we need,
have a home to stay and time to play

I call for superman to save the world

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Sacred secrets

Sacred secrets

Hear the conversation in the stillness
Feel the energy in thin air
Open up and find the cosmos
reflected in your being
The moon will guide you through the dark
Sparkling stars sow sapphires of wisdom
The sun embraces you with warmth
The wind will take you on a journey
will carry the wings of the free
with his unrestrained spirit
in the direction of tomorrow
You too unveil your essence
The world will reveal itself to you
as a mirror showing your truth
written on the lips who drink
from the same cup of reality
To expand your truth open your doors
Peel the dark paint of your facade
by disarming your shadow
with inner awareness
Then turn the page
Let your steps be light
Celebrate the souls in your sight
in the playground of your being
surrounded by your boundaries
The agreement of your freedom
with the wider world 
From this place let the joy flow 
into your being
into your doing
Let your song inspire the birds
till it grows into a crescendo of
hope, happiness and peace

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Lyrics of love

 Gustav Klimt - Mother and Child

Lyrics of love

Slanting light, shaped like
staves of star like extensions
illuminate the stories
of the past where

lyrics of love emanate
from memories of my mother
Vibration tucked behind words
Lamentation lingers in a tear
while grasping the depth
as beyond the surface
lies the essence of a mother
who has hold me
nurtured me into being
released me into the unseeing skies
Where I have found my place
My wings soar in freedom
carried by the echo of her song 

Only shreds of her strength remain
in her once robust house of being
The light still shines through
the windows of her soul
and flashes of the past
are now a warm blanket
covering my inner child
She liberated us into the world
like a warrior of love
walking a thousand miles
battling in the war of life
Her last footsteps will again
leave lasting imprints
to be followed into eternity