Monday, 28 December 2015

Summer walks and Margaret Mahy

I hope you had a great Christmas. We did. Like every year we had a BBQ with our Dutch friends.
Above a snippet from a great Christmas present from the garden of my lovely neighbour

Our holiday will be later in the next year. I go back to work tomorrow. I still have lots of days off in between which I spend walking and reading.  We had a walk on Brighton Beach.

I looked up when walking and was hypnotised when staring in the eyes of this cute dog ;) Luckily I didn't bump into something.

We had another walk at Governors Bay, with a young friend who came to us for a visit.

Our  young friend visited Margaret Mahy when he was little. She lived in Governors Bay and we found this plaque on the track. She was a famous children's book writer who won the international Christian Anderson Medal for children's literature.

Afterwards we dropped off our friend and drove back through the city centre and visited the brand new Margaret Mahy Playground

The 4 meter wide slide is very popular. Fun to climb up as well and there is a tunnel with a little slide on the side.

The playground was developed with the children of Christchurch, for the children of Christchurch.

After all that walking it was time to pick some berries in the garden, wash them and eat them with a sprinkle of sugar. Life is good sigh

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Art in Christchurch Art Gallery and Canterbury Museum

Christchurch doesn't have many buildings yet but it is developing and I must say it is  cultural and artistically stronger then ever. There is always some art to discover. The weather hasn't been very good to us. I think it is colder here then in the Dutch winter at the moment. So good days for the recently re-opened Art Gallery and Canterbury Museum.

Yeh the art gallery is open again and of course we had a look. The bull on top of the piano is a symbol of hope for this earthquake city.

Sweet as sugar...colourful rainbow wonder world...........fairytale fun pink pleasure

More then half of the Arts centre will progressively open during 2016. The whole building will be finished in 2019. Through a hole in the fence I could make a picture from a part already done up. It is my most favourite building in the city.
I have lots of fond memories of it as well. On Sundays we used to chill out on the grass in the courtyard, eating some food from one of the stalls and listening to a musician.
My daughter went for years to "young writers" who turned her in an amazing poet and I used to pick her up from a beautiful room inside the arts centre. I also loved the small cinema where I went regularly and more and more.........

"The Iron Man" Exhibition in Canterbury museum
Kiwi Jeff Thompsom created amazing artwork out of corrugated iron

This Morris Minor is like a painting. I love the curves from the corrugated iron.

I absolutely loved this piece. A bunch of flowers---a celebration in shape and colour

I think this was hubby's favourite piece

I loved this as well The iron is woven like a mat

Friday, 18 December 2015

Spectrum Street Art Festival

If you come to Christchurch you have to visit the street art festival at the YMCA. Internationally renowned street artist have not only covered the city walls in Christchurch but also developed this amazing exhibition at the YMCA : Spectrum Street Art Festival
This year also some talented Dutch artists Telmo and Miel participated and here is the website
where you can see some of there amazing work.

Layers of glass lined up to to create this lady. See the man walking through the  layer.

This friend is quite a character so we had lots of fun. Here she is behind the computer blending in with the graffiti.

 Love the cheeky characters around these serious men.

All these panels lined up and formed a tropical jungle with gorgeous birds.

Specially loved the addition of the ladder :)

The street art is painted on the wall and they put a frame on top of it.

I loved this Maori girl with a Ta Moko. Ta Moko is permanent body and face marking. It is different from tattoe as the skin is carved instead of punctured.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sparks of light

In these days we get so much darkness throwing a shadow on our lives, so we don't see the light anymore. People are focused on the dark but  everyday everywhere lots of good things happen which brighten our day.
I will collect some of these moments which brighten my day, people helping others, moments that are touching. Here is two of them to start of with

OK first story. Hubby wanted to go fishing at Birdling's flat. His friend wasn't able to come so he got me to come along. I love the place and planned to strike down with a book. When we arrived the young man on the right was trying to start his car and his back wheels were spinning and he was digging himself more and more into the pebbles. "Have a look " I said to hubby. Hubby went over and said "You have to be pulled out mate. You don't get out of there. There is a man with a tractor in town somewhere, who tugs people out for about $75". The young man looks sad. My hubby said "Wait a minute there is a digger working on the property close by. He can pull you out." The young man mumbles something and looks down on his cellphone. I said to him "Do you want us to come with you?" He looked up and smiles and says yeah ." We went up to the digger. Hubby discusses the problem. " No worries"says the digger. A truck gets moved and the digger rumbles towards the pebbles, down the hill and pulls the young man out.  Just as easy What a nice digger.

I came across the above video on Facebook. It is already a few months old but it is very touching. All the pupils from Palmerston North High School are paying their respect to their beloved teacher at his funeral, by doing the Haka. Mr Tamatea was at the school for 30 years and had a lot of mana. Mana in the Maori world means having great presence, which instills admiration and respect. The proof of that is seen in this video

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Light projection artist in Wellington

First of all my heart and prayers go out to the people of Paris and Beirut!

We visited the work of a light projection artist in Wellington at Massey University and adored these
beautiful colourful shapes projected on walls and boxes,

A detail of the artwork. Mr Peter Jackson or anyone who needs a light projection artist; This student has just finished Uni and is available!

This is the artist with her dad

 We had a nice stroll around the city. We stayed at a back packer. The backpackers in NZ are great.
I love hanging out in the "lounch" and "kitchen" and chatting to people from all over the world. Many
backpackers are visited by older people. This was one for young people but they accepted us and we even made a friend :)

A very precious moment. We had dinner with the whole family which is rare as they all live spread over NZ. We had such a lovely time.

A snapshot from the gardens in Wellington.

and another one.

Of course we visited Te Papa, the national museum and art gallery in Wellington. We went to an amazing exhibition about the story of the soldiers who fought and died in WW1 in Gallipoli in Turkey.
Sir Peter Jackson helped create this amazing exhibition where giant sculptures, 2.4 times human size, told a story which gave us an insight in the experiences of the soldiers.

The giant sculptures took about 24000 hours to create and is a reminder of the nearly 2800 people who lost their lives. The exhibition will be open till 2018 so come and visit.

A well deserved rest in the big chair after walking through nearly all streets of Wellington.