Sunday, 31 August 2014

Project declared finished.

The good thing about the earthquake was that we finally were forced to do up my daughters room (who loves colour). There were lots of cracks in the wall and in the ceiling, so my husband put in a false ceiling and covered up the cracks with wallpaper. The green wall is painted. A 60 year old carpet was replaced and we bought two gorgeous bed covers on sale. I also found some Moroccan lamps on TradeMe.
Last year I decided to make a frame with cloth behind it and string to hang cards on. The next day we were on a fair for work and next to us was a table, where they sold the self made frame you see on the right side wall.....ok That was a time safer.

Paintings made by my daughter and pillows cases were bought second
hand on Trade Me to bring more colour to the room.

We found a good deal for bed site tables as there was a chip out of it and made our own coat rack

We always love collecting driftwood but never
had a purpose for it. I enjoyed making this so much that I started to collect knobs from markets for the next piece of driftwood.
Correction: I helped making this as I am not good with tools. My husband drilled the holes and I was holding the wood...while looking important :)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My present:a trip to Nelson

This year like other years I received a gorgeous present for my birthday. A trip to Nelson. I love trips and we found a deal on GrabOne for two nights at the honest lawyer in Nelson. Yes they do exist. It was not only  half price but included a delicious breakfast as well. What more does a Dutch person want.
It turned out to be a beautiful English country Pub which is situated on the water side in Monaco. No not the European one . Better than that. Monaco in Nelson NZ.

The honest Lawyer

The trip to Nelson was a treat. We drove for 5 hours through the Lewis Pass. I was in the clouds listening to music from the Secret Garden and looking at the stunning scenery. Wild rivers, snow covered peaks and a clear blue sky. Hubby was so good to stop plenty of times for me when I blurted "Awesome", so I could jump out and take a picture. We even stopped on a bridge as it was very quiet and an upcoming car behind us nicely waited at the start of the bridge, so I survived!

In Nelson the next day....again summer temperatures. It was 13 degrees according to the news but it felt more like 20 degrees. We stayed out of trouble by going to the Saturday morning market, the Founders Heritage Park, a walk uphill to the centre of New Zealand from which we had fantastic views on Nelson and we had a walk on the beach as well. At night there was a function on at the Honest lawyer and we really wouldn't have fit in, with our walking boots as all were dressed up in suits. We ended up in Cafe Istanbul and had a fantastic meal. We highly recommend it if you ever visit Nelson.

The next morning back home again and when we passed Hanmer I said "Ok I have enough pictures now so you don't have to stop anymore and right then the weather turned around and it became cloudy and dark.

Noble blue fills the veins of the Lewis pass

Hurunui High Country Land
where sun rays dance on water 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

We lost an incredible man

Normally I don't keep up with the celebrities but one stands out for me and I was very shocked today to hear that Robin WIlliams has passed away. He starred in two of my favourite movies "Good will hunting" and "Dead poets society" He was incredibly funny and talented but remained a genuine caring human being. I light my candle on my sidebar in remembrance of him and hope he has found peace. My heart goes out to his wife and children.
Robin loved New Zealand and had friends here. He said "New Zealand was the closest thing to Heaven on Earth" and he also donated the money from a show to the red Cross after the first Christchurch earthquake. We lost an incredible man. Underneath he is in an interview in NZ 5 years ago.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"

"You're only given a little spark of madness You mustn't loose it"

Robin Williams

Friday, 8 August 2014

Old friends


I am on Facebook but don't spend much time on it. I use it most to check out what my family is up to and chat to them if I can catch them there. Another cool thing is to get in touch again with old friends.
Through another old friend I recently found back the one on the right in the picture above. We caught up on many, many years by email and found out that we had something in common we didn't know. We both have a blog and we both write poetry. I will ask permission to translate a poem of her as I love her work.

The above photo was made in 1980 on the yearly fair in September in my home town. I was 19 years old. There is a fair in every town in Holland and usually there is also a huge tent with a band. As you see above we did a lot of dancing. We were party animals. We had so much fun on a weekly base and have many stories to tell. We hang out in groups and went with mopeds to pubs in surrounding towns or with the train to the city to go to a disco. No cell phones, no computers just talking and dancing.
My friend is the one biking in the ditch in this story I don't regret any of it. It was part of being young and it is nice to look back on another time and another me. Nice too to catch up on memories
Yeeh I am that old. Next year I am going back to Holland for a visit and look forward meeting up again my family and with past friends. It is also interesting to look back on that time and be able to discuss how you experienced it and see if this matches with your friends experience from the past. Could be quite a surprise. Also good to hear how the rest of their lives went and to see if they changed much. Are you in touch with people from your youth?

Friday, 1 August 2014

Diverse seductiveness

Prompt: sacred threads and marigolds

Diverse seductiveness

Some love marigolds
some radiant roses with velvet folds
and then there is weed
It creeps on its knees
swallowing beauty
But is it true?
Didn't we decide
"we name you weed"
like man declared 'unwanted'
for being different
Aren't there sacred threads
between him and entire existence
all bathing in beauty
which sometimes nestles
beyond the surface
exposed by loving eyes
Don't feed your mind
with fear for undiscovered land
In your heart rekindle a flame
of eternal longing to love
no matter the name
Only diversity can create
an enchanting bouquet
Let your warmth nourish
each flower to unfold
its seductiveness.

Photo made on  Ellerslie international flower Show Christchurch 2013

Thursday, 24 July 2014

80 odd years of happy

How is the older generation in Christchurch doing? uh The pensioners of the Diana of the Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch have been busy being in a flash mob in April and recently 60 pensioners and staff have been dancing and they are 80-odd years of happy They are now officially the coolest ones out here   :)

Update: IThe video is becoming an absolute Youtube hit.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Maori language week: arohanui

It is Maori language week. Maori is a Polynesian language and close to the language of the Cook islands and Tahitian. it is an official language spoken in New Zealand and 4 to 9 % of the people speak it fluently.
My contribution to Maori language week is the word Arohanui and aroha.

Aroha means love and Arohanui literally means big love or much love. It has however several deeper meanings like: 
enfolding love
love that binds a community together
love which creates a bond of mutual trust and loyalty
love which builds and carries forwards culture and civilisation

and a beautiful Maori song about love: Tai Aroha

Ko te aroha anō he wai
E pupū ake ana
He awa e māpuna mai ana
I roto i te whatū-manawa (x2)

Ko tona matapuna he hōhonu
Ā ina ia ka rere anō (x2)

He tai timu
He tai pari
He tai ope
He tai rora
He tai nui

Love is like water
continually bubbling up
a river that will keep flowing
from within the very seat of the emotions.

From a very deep source
it will keep on rising

an ebb tide
an incoming tide
a forceful tide
a living tide
a full tide.