Monday, 28 October 2013

Wild West Coast

We went to the West coast for the weekend as we had a long weekend because of Labourday. My husband planned to go with his friends from work to the motorbike street races in Greymouth. The first day it was pouring down the whole trip till the West and Jake (a young man who went with us) and me went for the treetop walk in Hokitika. The storm was so bad that we didn't get very far.


The next day all the men went off to Greymouth and I had a walk on my own on the beach where the waves are wild and lots of driftwood covers the beach. I spend the rest of the day reading, when the rain poured down.

The third and last day we went to Ross and danced in the Wild West after looking for gold lol.

The bush with its many ferns is wild. We had a walk on the old mine track in Ross on Monday before we went back home. This time the weather was gorgeous.
Even the people here are a bit wild and I must be too as I feel so good here.

The water is wild going fast over the boulders

Life was wild and hard in the past. The graves on the hill are from about 1870 and showed that most people didn't live past 40

Hokitika Gorge. Normally the water is deep blue coming from the glaciers but the rain and storm coloured it grey.

Oh isn't it gorgeous

When driving back home over Arthur's Pass, this Kea had a rest on our car and didn't want to leave. We had to drive off slowly with this hitchhiker.

William I want to stop here as well. It had snowed the day before so the whole drive was stunning.

and stunning

and more stunning 

OK one more stop

and the last one Oh I love New Zealand so much


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Garden delight

Last week we walked the Taylors mistake track. It was hot and nearly at the end, when I was enjoying the view, I stepped in a hole in the path. I fell and sprained my ankle and had a big graze on my knee which hasn't healed yet. Therefore this weekend no walking but I enjoyed our garden. Actually I can't get enough of it so here more garden pictures

Track at Taylors mistake

Bach (NZ holiday home) at Boulders bay along the track

Corner of the hothouse on which a kiwi grows. It didn't produce any kiwis yet as it takes 3 to 5 years. The kiwi is originally from China and when it came to NZ in 1904 it was called Chinese Gooseberry.

A pot in a covered spot

The shrub on the left is a lilac which has a lovely smell. I received it as a small plant on my birthday years ago.

Love this gracious lady. I found out it is called Calla Lilley in English

The headquarters where I drink my coffee

Friday, 11 October 2013

Day of the girl

Are you a woman, a girl or do you have a daughter, a wife?

Did you/ she have a good education?

Think in how many different ways this made a difference to your/ her life?

Wow heh

Did you know that in the world.....

In addition, the difference education makes for you, it would have the following advantages for many: 
  • Reduction of child and maternal mortality
  • Improvement of child nutrition and health
  • Lower birth rates
  • Enhancement of women's domestic role and their political participation
  • Improvement of the economic productivity and growth
  • Protection of girls from HIV/AIDS, abuse and exploitation

Raise your hand now if you think every child needs an education by a

click of a button

sign the petition

read more



Saturday, 5 October 2013

Christchurch developing

We went for a walk through the city centre. We do that more lately as since not long ago most streets in the city centre can be accessed again. We do have to discuss all the time were we are. It is difficult to orientate ourselves as so many buildings have disappeared. The nice thing is that empty spaces get filled up with art and gapfillers  There was a display today about how the new city centre is going to look like. We understood that the end of this year the rebuilding is going to start and in 2016 the inner city project should be ready. I am looking forwards to it and that's what we have to focus on.
After trying to be brave and strong since the earthquake, many people are
struggling at the moment.

Treehouse sculpture

A new bow towards Victoria Square

A part of the square open now

Flowers are as pretty as ever

We kept New Regent Street Yeeh It is nicely repaired and painted

The Peacock fountain in Hagley park surrounded by flowers

and roffle roffle......this is what we are waiting for: 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Please come and click a link to help!!!! Thanks :)


Please help my young friends to go to the concert by liking a comment on the edge radio facebook page by clicking the link above. Megan was in and out hospital her whole life.
It would mean the world to her to go to the concert. 

Thanks for the likes. She didn't make it A famous woman posted a comment and got the most likes  Next time better

But......Synchronisity  struck again. The young girls dream was to go to One Direction the boys band. I found out by accident that there is a One Direction movie running at the moment showing a concert/documentary. Tickets are bought and she is all happy. Yeeh Happy end

Megan did win after all!!!  A combined effort of friends paid off. There were two tickets. One for Riri and one for 1 D and they sent Megan to 1D Yeeeh
Fantastico yippee This is so exciting She and her sister will have the time of her life. Her sister will have to go to Auckland the same day for a talk about liver transplant as well. Oh these girls deserve this so much.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Daylight saving

Tonight we are going to move the clock an hour forwards, so we have an hour more light at night. I love it as the day just feels so much longer and we can go for little walks at night. It will be harder to get up an hour earlier though.
A note for my family and friends in Holland: From tomorrow we will be 11 hours ahead in time. It will become easier after 27 October 2013, when the clock goes backwards in Holland than there will be exactly 12 hour difference.

The first one to propose daylight saving was entomologist George Vernon Hudson. He would like to collect more bugs after hours and presented a paper in Wellington in 1895 and followed it up with another one after considerable interest came from Christchurch.

I had a nice walk and lunch with one of my best friends. She is going to her family in Atlanta for a few months but will be back by the end of the year. On our walk I shot this picture. The walkway reminded me a bit of home as it was all flatland and cows and horses were grazing in the paddocks.

My husband did a lot of gardening lately and as you see it is looking great.
Today we bought some pots and flowers. I can't wait till they all come up.

Monday, 23 September 2013

We Are The Sum Total Of Our Choices

I love quotes and inspirational stories. The quote above is simple and complicated. Every day, we make many, many choices. We have the freedom to choose between good and bad. Sometimes we make a wrong choice and are not aware that it is wrong. We do it unconsciously, because that is how we learned to do something when we were young. By learning the hard way, by becoming aware, by reading quotes and by being honest to ourselves, we get many chances again to make a better choice and move in the right direction (or not). It is hard though. We are attached to material things, to our ego and to wrong habits. If we are making increasingly the right choices this will result eventually in a better future. All the choices, good or bad made us into what we are now.  When we become more aware and choose more consciously, the more in control we are.
This is what I think is also what karma means. When something bad happens to me I say jokingly "Oh it is bad karma"  Karma is however not something that overcomes us and is not simply a matter of retribution or reward. It is more a matter of cause and effect I think.
When you look at the beautiful story in the next movie than I see that the cause is that the man in the storie unconditionally gives to others. He had a positive live changing effect on the young boy as we see later. When the boy became a man it enabled him to do what he did and be very appreciative. We don't always know what effect we have on people.
I think that if we can positively change the lives of others just a bit than we are doing well and we become better at it each time. If we all would try that than we could change the world. :)  Enjoy the story!