Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Exit the masquerade

Prompt mask for Poets United
photo by Kayleigh June

Exit the masquerade

A lady in disguise,
wrapped in a cloak of
glowing black velvet,
emerges as the princess
of the masquerade

This metamorphose
giving her wings
Vibrating coloured thoughts
enclosing her with an aura
at the ball of illusion

Dark eyes invite
fragrance diffused
fleur de la seduction
The essence contrasting
her life of labour

shed your mask
step out of your shadow
reveal your graceful self
become the queen of the day

Thursday, 13 July 2017

spiral movement

for Poets United prompt movement

As I look back to where I was when I was young compared to where I am now I made a lot of progress and achieved quite a bit. There is still however a situation I find difficult to deal with. Guess what, that is exactly what keeps returning into my life.

Spiral movement

One day I stumbled over an
obstacle in my life and entered
the residence of my mind
to find myself in a room of darkness.
I nearly choked as I was
struggling and striving
reviewing and regaining control
I widened my circle of understanding
And moved up the spiral staircase
to the first level

One day I stumbled over an
obstacle in my life and entered
the residence of my mind
to deal with an identical issue
dressed differently
and after introspection and reflection
I applied my understanding
and moved up the spiral staircase
to the second level.

Repeatedly I find the same
problem around the corner.
Am I unable to pass the tests
in life or does it take a lifetime
and the spiral movement
to higher levels 
to master the tasks,
of an assignment,
I took on in this life

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Earth Whispers by Brendon Chilchrist

I love the work from Brendon Chilchrist an artist from Christchurch who makes video's  from beautiful places and amazing skies in New Zealand. Uncovering the hidden wonders, uncovering the beauty of New Zealand put on the screen.
The video underneath called Earth whispers is like poetry. you have to see it.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The shadow

The prompt for Poets United is independence.

Becoming independent when you grow up is a struggle but for some it is more than a struggle and they are less likely to succeed. I grew up with learning disabilities. Ones you might never even have heard of. I didn't know back than. It was holding me back in many areas. I am aware now, but I noticed that explaining it to people doesn't work as it is outside their experience. I usually give an explanation that fits their world even if it isn't true. On my journey I met many people who struggled. I worked in a children's home where kids fail to thrive, met many youngsters with learning disabilities, with depression etc.
What I  know is that they can make it when they receive support and encouragement in a safe environment. Everyone is a little star that needs to shine.

My magic lamp which puts everyone in the limelight

The shadow

The young grew up and
reached for independence
Their glory erecting in the lime light
But down in the darkness
In the undergrowth of the jungle
are the ones that failed to thrive
Afraid to stand out they became
the shadow of the chosen ones.
In a place without any sun.

“They just have to do as we do”
the chosen ones say,
when they look down on them.
“They don’t live up
to our expectations”
Expectations of what?
That real stars have spikes,
are bright and white?

Help them shine,
to end the winter
They might not be champions,
but the runway that leads
champions to the finish.
They might not be the flower,
but be the rain that waters it.
They might not be the hero in your story,
but can hold a pen and create their own
When they shine, there is warmth,
and vibrant colours appear
and you learn that the sun is a star,
Just when the summer starts

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

On the day you awaken

Prompt War and peace for Poetry United

Sometimes a war is going on inside me. I ask myself why do I want to write  when I only owe simple words. Won’t I need sophistication to build a castle. Then I get over myself and with the labour of love I lay one word next to the other to craft a simple poem, while having fun like a child lost in play. No, I didn’t build a castle but I did receive  peace.

On the day, you awaken

On the day, you awaken
You open your heart,
You see the tears trickle, leaving a trail in the dust
You see the blood gushing, from a wounded soul
You feel the pounding pain of a child, a man, a world
at war and offer them
Your heart, your love, your light
You Let your inner poet weave words of wisdom
You Let your inner voice sing a song of solidarity
You Let your inner artist paint a picture of peace
Weave, sing, paint,
with a passion
Draw a dream in the clouds
Fill it with hope
To free the souls trapped
by the weight of the earth

On the day, you awaken
You walk with your back straightened
Proud and aweless you dare to forgive
Dare to see the fear behind the wall of hate
Dare to see the longing for love,
behind the doors of difference
Fiercely you open the door
to stop the hurt, to start the healing
You have become a warrior of light
and shine with softness
each ray conquering darkness
till peace is born from the womb of the night
on that day heaven will be brought into being

Monday, 5 June 2017

Steampunk festival in Oamaru and a beautiful drive through paradise

Listening to Eros Ramazzotti in the car while driving through paradise brought a tear to my eye.
Coming home and seeing  the news of the terror attack in London were 7 people died Among the injured is a young man from Christchurch. The love of this morning turned into pain and my heart goes out to all involved.  It is important however to keep loving and send out the light to fight the dark.

We drove  to Oamaru last Sunday to go to the steam punk festival. We just went to the market as we are not steampunkers we didn't go at night to the ball or the fashion show. Oamaru with its Victorian buildings is  the heart of steampunk in NZ. It has it's own steampunk museum and festival. So what is steampunk. It is hard to explain.
It is about mixing old and new
It is about high tech in Victorian time
It is about science fiction merged with steam power engines
It is about lace and top hats and clocks and uniforms
It is about Jules Verne and Dr Who

After we visited the market we had a drink with friends at the local brewery.
We took a detour home the next day. We have done that route before but  each time, in different season it looks different but equally stunning. This time we had a beautiful winter day.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow.