Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christchurch preparing for Christmas

A real cool Kiwi Christmas song, which reminds us that christmas is coming up as in NZ it doesn't look as Christmassy as in Europe. Here most people go on holiday around christmas and spend time on the beach. There is some traditional christmas with Turkey on the table but most Kiwi's just have a BBQ. We will too and my brother is coming over from Holland and join us.

We discovered this Santa in the windows of Ballantynes

Another Father Christmas on the roof of the container startup mall. Have a good look as this is their last Christmas as the containers are going to be replaced by real buildings.

Another part of the new city mall open. On the right is going to be an open cafe and people can sit in the middle to have a drink. For now people can start their Christmas shopping. Christchurch is going to be the coolest city in the Southern Hemisphere

Christchurch has become very multi cultural and thanks to that we enjoy the influence from different countries. Today they held a Korean day on the square in Christchurch.  There was lots of dancing on modern Korean music

There was a lot of traditional Korea is wel, like these ladies in beautiful dresses

and this cutie pie

Saturday, 19 November 2016

A stroll in Christchurch city

Christchurch rebuild is starting to become visible. The first shops are open and new building are taking shape. In about 5 years it will be a proper centre again and by the time we retire, in about ten years I expect the city to be ready. Good timing lol. Anyway it was nice to get some distraction

As you see business as usual in Christchurch. The people in kaikoura will have a hard time for a long time as they have no water and the sewage system is broken. Decease can easily develop. Our hearts are with the them. They have made a route where only the army trucks can go and they bring supplies to the people.
Tourist are getting flown out and some will be be taken out by an army ship.  The big cleanup and the repair of the roads is going to take a very long time. Here is a special feature from the Press: The mountains moved

Hagley park is as beautiful as ever. When we go into the city we always take stroll in the park first.

Since a few years there is a coffee shop in the middle of the park where you can chill and have a drink.
The extending part of the building is the nursery for Hagley park. 

Everything is in bloom in the rose garden and the smell mmmm

This is a part of my favourite building; the art centre which has opened again.
The art centre used to be a university and it's first part was build in 1870.

The great Hall was originally build in 1882 and has been restored and reopened again.

The cafe just opened which is another step forwards. Any further development can be seen on 

New art pieces appear everywhere like this bathing figure sculpture

This shopping centre in Cashel Street is nearly ready and the coming months shops will move in

These  shops opened a few days ago which makes the city come alive.

This is a design on a board as it is still in development. Looking good though

New steps to enjoy the sun. Opposite the Terrace is being build with cafes and restaurants and with a bank next door, where you can get the money to spend it again ;)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My earthquake rap

My earthquake rap

Not really a poem but more like a rap for Poets united. That's what I felt like. On 14 November 2 minutes after midnight we were shaked out of our bed again.  It lasted for ages. We came free with only fright. Two people died and my heart goes out to all people affected. The epicentre of the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8, was about 1.5 hours drive from Christchurch. Many places were damaged, like Picton and wellington and it was felt nearly throughout NZ. The worst affected was Kaikoura a well loved tourist place on the coast and it is cut of from the world. First a reflection on the Christchurch earthquake.

If your whole world rocks
and all falls apart
one door will still stand strong
the door towards a new start

Part 1 EQ 2010-2011
Christchurch has its heart ripped out, we shout; It’s a pity, this city, now full of cones and stones, and cars, where once were shops and bars, and people had no hurry, no worry. Then houses were old, now they are sold or rented out for gold, and people get cold, live now on the street because of greed. But houses are coming one day, with some delay, we may all have an EQ proof, roof again and a city full of hustle and buzzle, in a jacket of glass and steel, with a modern feel and what a blast of the past, when we see an old building pop up, next to a new shop, and our hearts go out, we shout; what a delight, we might, think of the old days, before the earth quake, we shake it off, as we always do, walk out of the blue and get back into the hustle and the buzzle of a city that lives and makes us belong.

the press

Part2  EQ 2016

kaikoura has its lungs ripped out; it can’t breathe, the place is death as the land, got jammed, landslides all over the road, tunnels are blocked, people shocked, cut off from the world. In a minute people lost it all, as their belongings did fall with a smack, their houses a wreck. But out of the rubble came a bubble of hope, as Richie McCaw, came with his heli, you don’t see him daily in Kaikoura flying, I am not lying and a farmer rescued some cows stuck on an island, up on the highland, looking flabbergasted, as they fasted for a day, now they stay, in better grassland, everyone helps out, as people open their heart and share, which is a start to humanity and care. Kia Kaha, we will rise again, every time we will climb up, so mother earth let it stop. oh Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud, I shout, I scream, land covered with the invisibility of a dream, let calmness invade the earth crust, just, let it rest and continue with what you do best, fill endless souls with the bliss of your beauty.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Which path do I take?

I have been sort of sick most of the week. I've got something else on my list of ails:Vertigo, a balance problem which causes nausea, dizziness and a headache. It has settled and I am armed now with a few more pills lol So this morning quickly a poem for Poets United, with the prompt path

Which path do I take?
“Which path do I take, master?”

“What do you want to
find at the end?”

“On wealth and power
I have set my mind”
“Choose the path through 
concrete jungle 
success you will find” 
At the end, he wrote 
success on every
window of his room
People looked up to it but
it was just a whiff in his gloom

“Master I want more,
which path do I take?”

“What do you want to find in the end?"

“I want to feel free,
I want give a part of me”
"Follow the path of mystery
share your riches along the way"
He took this path every day

One day they stole it all,
a dark glow coated his downfall

a lady found him, fed him, cradled him
with love and care in her shanty
which showed him the path of plenty
where you walk under 
the weeping willow
listen to the lost and lonely
where the river will 
collect the tears
and carries them 
to the pastures
to enrich the earth.

This was the day the rain 
knocked on his window
the sky broke open, and 
wrapped a bow of colours 
around a path 
starting from his door.

“Master why didn’t you show me that path first”

“Because you didn’t ask for it, my friend”

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Day of dead

The day of dead is a two day Mexican holiday celebrated on 1 and 2 November to remember loved ones who died and to support their spiritual journeys of dead. It is also celebrated among the Mexican community in the US.

It is the prompt for Poets United. I am a bit late, many things going on.  I gave Haiku's a go and found it quite a challenge. 

I love the following lines as I have no doubt that our souls are eternal.

What is dead?
What is death? It is the glass of life broken into a 
thousand pieces, where the soul disperses like 
perfume from a flask, into the silence of the eternal night. 
Unknown Author 

 bridging beyond life 
celebrate unification 
eternal fiesta 

enveloped stories
holding lost loved ones echo
earthbound afterglow