Monday 24 September 2007

The Key

Have a look at the other wonderfull submissions about The Key at Writers Island.
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Find the key to your heart
Open it and see
What do you really want
Who would you like to be
Than find the key to change
Act like the person in your heart
At first it might feel akward
but you are good at playing that part
Being you becomes so much fun
You don't have to act anymore
You found the key to success
which will open every door

marja blom


  1. Lovely Marja! This is a special key to have, and to know you have... beautiful picture, a key of transformation!

  2. Thank you for visiting my Blog fact what you have written here puts into words a little of what I'm going through with my artwork at present. I am continualy amazed that one can speak from the other side of the world and and bring good things to someone one has never met before...Thank you.

  3. For happiness, success or anything else, the key is always within us.

    Great thinking post..:)

  4. What a happy key!

  5. Marja - lovely as ever! And that beautiful key! Mine's all bent and rusty! Hey ho!

  6. This could be a mantra for me. Being me has opened doors. Thanks. :)



  7. Something to think about -we don't always know what we want.

    Great poem.

  8. nice post. simple but direct to the point and it is something we can all relate to. =)

  9. Being you becomes so much fun
    You don't have to act anymore

    This was almost like a personal advice to me, thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. So true - the key is within us all along. Lovely piece.

  11. Kia Ora!
    I like it! The poem well done!

    Oh an I am not a New Zealander sadly!

  12. Lea yes the butterfly is the symbol of transformation.

    Niall I am amazed myself I am only in the second phase. It still feels akward.

    Thanks Gautami and Tinker

    Keith, rusti keys can be pretty too

    Rose good luck with it

    Lisa ther, rambler and tumblewords
    Paris parfait and Mary ,thank you so much. I am not used to so much attention

  13. "what do you really want - act like the person in your heart"

    How exactly right. I like the rhyme scheme, too.

  14. I love this poem Marja. It's so true, and a blessing to have friends encourage us to keep peddling!

    Great post my good friend! :))


  15. Hi Marja! Your words are such a beautiful invitation to open the heart!! I love the questions you ask: "what do you really want/ who would you like to be" -- this is a wonderful way to start each day! Incredible photo of the key, too.

  16. You write very well.


Thank you!!