Monday, 15 October 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. Thousands of Bloggers all over the world unite to campaign to save our environment. If we want to save the planet more has to be done. We not only owe that to all live on the planet but specifically to our children. They will inherit this planet including all the mess we left behind.
My motto for today is: If you want to change the world, change your own world. I challenge you all to participate in my little action. You have to set the first step to create some habits.
I will ask you to do 5 new things to save the environment. This can be anything from saving energy, recycling or even planting a tree to increase the oxygen. I will leave the car at home today and walk or bus for example. If you are stuck for ideas here are 25 ways to safe the environment.
If you've done this, go to comments underneath here and leave a list with your 5 things. FBI, CIA and Interpol are behind this action and will check out if you have done your part. Your reward: you will become the proud owner of this environmental award which you can pick up here.
Thank you for participating, Marja


  1. hello again!
    thank you for your preference. I also love your blog! :)))
    yes, that is child food. And it was so tastefull that it was also my dinner that day. me ans M. eating the same food!
    big kiss my dear!

  2. 1) Not use plastic bags from the stores

    2) Recycle cans (just started doing)

    3) I will continue to carpool

    4) Simplifying my household cleaning items - I have it down to vineger and amonia mixed with water.

    5) and I use cloth napkins instead of paper

    PS thank you for the comment and for visiting my site =)

  3. My syggestion is to limit the consumption of Internet. A few days less watching television; no music, and working on the computer with the battery instead of electricity.

  4. I have to go do my five things. I'll be back, and this is another great post as usual Marja.

    Love, Ann

  5. Original idea Marja, here are my five things:
    * use my shopping bags instead of plastic bags
    * seperate garbage in 2 sections so that part of it can be used for creating compost
    * collect glass (bottles etc) for recycling
    * try to use my bicycle most of the time instead of my car
    * save on electricity by (for example) using special light bulbs, using timers, and leave reminders for myself to not forget to switch lights off, or turn the heating down...

    can I please please have my reward? :)


  6. Thanks see you around Apo

    I like the cleaning items ones Keri
    shall try that one myself

    Good on you Erik

    See you Ann

    Great Josie We just replaced some and used Philips spaarlampen
    Just copy your reward and upload it. Tot ziens


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