Sunday, 11 November 2007

New Brighton

Today we went for a beach walk in New Brighton, in Christchurch. Yes we are lucky. We have a choice which beach to go to. New brighton is in the east of the city centre. When we arrived in New Zealand we rented a house close to this beach. I remember that the kids were so excited when they saw the sea for the first time that they jumped in the waves with their clothes on. We had a hot summer that year (1997) and went biking to this beach every day after school.

New Brighton has it's own shopping centre. A cosy street with palm trees. Here we walk towards the clock tower at the beach.

The halmark of New Brighton is The Pier. Just like in New Brighton in England. The locals go fishing here or have a stroll over the pier. The about 300 mtr Pier was opened in 1997.

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The New Brighton Library has huge windows with comfy chairs behind it. On a windy cold day you just take a seat, listen to music and watch the surfers riding the waves. You can also put a warm jacket on and have a walk on the miles and miles of beach. I love the sound of the sea. It's song is very relaxing.


  1. Sounds and looks really peaceful - unlike the Brighton near me which is probably the livliest place in the country! Anywhere called Brighton HAS to be good!

  2. How nice to see the surroundings where you live. A wonderful beach and what a huge pier!

  3. Piers have always interested me, specially which there is no crowd, and you got the pier just left to you and the sea.
    Looks very beautiful.

  4. It has been ages since I went to the beach just to listen to the waves and the marine birds. However, that will have to wait because it is a terribly messy day, today. We are to receive some snow also :(

  5. also a nice place. I remember that there is always a man on that beach who is making art in the sand of the beach with a rake. wonderfull how he did that.

  6. We used to live at North New Brighton in Effingham St. The pier was not there, & the Library was at North New Brighton. It has all changed so much since we lived there! Thankyou for the tour!

  7. No I don't live near a beach and warm here ....hmmm we will be having 30c + tempratures all week.
    I love the way to talk us through the pictures

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  9. Yeh it is nice in Brighton. Usually when it is hot than it is busy around the pier Keith. But we still have to wait a bit.

    This beach is huge so no problems of finding a good spot like in scheveningen

    No crowds in NZ rambler. Although the shopping centres becoming crowded. I prefer this place.

    Oh it's cold over there Wynn. Come over here to warm up

    Bert he will come again in january

    Meggie You lived in all the best spots in Christchurch

    pfff 30 That's nice and warm Here it is about 20

  10. sigh..that looks so peaceful...imagine sitting there with a book in your hand and the music of the waves in your ears...tho its a luxury these days to indulge in it, not with two hyper boys around...

  11. thinking aloud welcome to my place. It is a luxury and I should take the time for it. Your 2 boys will bring their own blessing. My children are growing up and I miss the time that we went out together. We always dream from the things we don't have

  12. Hi Majra
    When ever I think of Newzeland first thing that comes to my mind is the name of great Cricketer Sir Richad Hadlee.another man with the name of mine Dipak Patel used to play for Newzeland.
    Thanks a lot for sharing beautiful pictures of the library ,sea,
    Thank you

  13. Nice pictures!I love beaches and the sea too!

  14. I totaly agree about the sound of the waves! love it as well! and what a lovely beach you have there! enjoy!... As you know I do the same arround here! :)
    big kiss :)

  15. love your blog.
    I live in Christchurch and New Brighton is my favourite place!
    Even in winter is it nice to be in the library looking at the sea!



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