Sunday, 9 December 2007

The moment

This weeks prompt for Writers Island is The Moment, which made me think of "Living in the moment" which is not just some philosophy. Being interested in neurology I learned that the brain is inclined to live in the past. When we take in the world through our senses, the brain compares the new information with stored memories (neurological pathways) When a new experience relates to memories from the past , we use this memory as an explanation of what is happening in the present. Even if it different from the present. We create our own perception. Only thinking can alter thinking or the structure of the brain. We have to be aware of the moment. There is however something else what helps to change your brain. When we become parents or fall in love the chemical oxytocin gets released. This melts down existing pathways. Therefore new experiences can create quick change. My words this week are however about living in the moment.
The Moment
By Marja Blom
We are slaves of the mind
Not aware, not be there
left right left right
mechanical actions
automatic reactions
Predicting so fast
Dressing the moment
with clothes form the past

Come wake up and
take time to
immerse and absorb
Concentration and
will bring stillness to survive
will reform your being
will intensify your life

Insight and wisdom
will grow from the seeds
of learning to see and
to hear, to be free
from the mechanical mind
Be aware of the moment
unique in it's kind


  1. Wonderful, it's so important to live in the moment.

  2. Beautiful writing. Touching subject.

  3. These thoughts and your poem makes me think of something my son said to me on a postcard. This postcard hangs as a reminder next to my pc so I can watch the message several times a day. It says: "The most important moment to be cherished is always now." And in your view is that you live always in the moment, not in the past and not in the future, am I right?

  4. What a powerful message. Needed greatly today! :-)

  5. Wonderful poem,Marja!I can say the same like kb in her comment!

  6. Marja..
    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog...
    And WOW!!!
    What a terrific piece of writing..You Rock!!!
    Visit anytime..Galen

  7. Yet again a lovely piece.'Be aware of the moment'.That says it all.

  8. What can one say but live for the moment.

    One more sleep Marja.
    I may call from Auckland.... ya never know

    Merry Christmas love to you and your family..........

    Ho Ho Ho!
    Can i say that?

  9. I had no idea about the neurology part, that's very interesting!
    I loved your poem, if I only could just get my brain to listen to its word and find that 'stillness to survive'....

  10. KB it sure is

    Thanks Wayne

    Herman if you are not living conciously you actually only perceive what is stored in your brain. You not really see what is around you. You have to make an effort to live in the now. Complicated concept.

    I agree Seamus

    Thanks it is he

    Welcome Galen. I will visit you again

    Thanks Keith

    Have a great time Steve Ho Ho Ho

    The brain is fascinating Jen These skills all take a lot of time to develop but you can start now

  11. "
    Dressing the moment
    with clothes form the past"

    ah amazing use of words Marja, just loved it

  12. ***Be aware of the moment
    unique in it's kind
    How true...and hope that it can be followed always
    loved the way you've associated science to this...

  13. it all comes down to awareness, doesnt it? :) Knowing that new learning is always attached to previous alter our be able to live in the moment, we need to be fully cognizant of the process.

    Great post Marja.

    I LOVE your poem.

  14. I liked the intro as well as the poem. Thanks!

    unconnected moments

  15. while i thought your poem was lovely,, i was more taken away with the scientific explanation of the brains process... i want to know more about what types of actions can produce this oxytocin,, as i feel i could benefit greatly from the melting sown of some neurological pathways,, in favor of building new ones....
    very thought provoking post....

  16. Interesting information. I think my pathways are different than his, certainly in the present. When you live in the moment, even once, it does changes your perspective.

    Very good poem.



  17. A fabulous poem, Marja! I like the link of science, memory and perception.

  18. Amazing...
    and you said it "Be aware of the moment unique in its kind"... thats so true time to wake up indeed...
    I loved every line...

  19. Mechanical mind...lovely and wise post - a good reminder for me!

  20. Such interesting physiology and the poem is lovely, Marja!

  21. "slaves of the mind" & "be aware of the moment" are my favs,Marja.You have got it spot on, thank you.


  22. Thanks Rambler an Pratz

    Yes Dana when we know the proces we have created the first step, awareness

    Thanks Gaurtami

    If you want this chemical to release you have to fall in love.
    Most Parents do everything for their child and adjust their life completely out of love. (helped by oxytocin)

    It does change yes because you let new information come in.

    Thanks Preethi and Tara

    tumblewords a good reminder for myself as well because it is not easy

    Thanks Jo and UL

  23. I love the whole of it. And the line about being 'slaves of the mind...' Whoo-ee! Right on!

  24. I like the insigts you shared about how the brain works - that's really interesting and I find truth in them.

    Your poem is beautiful, too. If we learn to pay attention to each moment and be grateful to little blessings it brings, then we've found the spring of true happiness.
    Each moment is a blessing.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    Here's my winning moments:

  25. Wonderful piece. I love "Dressing the moment with clothes from the past"

  26. Fascinating subject matter. Your poem is truly excellent.

  27. Dressing the moment
    with clothes form the past

    You nailed it right there. The perfect image.

  28. Wow! This is certainly something to think about. Between worrying about the future and being moulded by the past we need to be aware of the present moment.
    Also at

  29. Een mooi gedichtje; wonderful poem.

  30. I love the contrast bewteen the opening and the poem/
    The illustration is amazing.
    Thanks so much for dropping by mine.

  31. "Dressing the moment
    with clothes form the past"

    I love this line... it says so much to me and evokes such possibility. Great poem Marja, thank you!

  32. A delightful poem of a mind within and its awakening of life...

    Captured so beautifully.


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