Thursday, 31 January 2008


UL, a wonderful lady from Typing Away , who writes great poetry, passed this meme to me., so I give it a go

Five weird facts about me
What is weird. There is an explanation for all behaviour, but if weird means not mainstream than I am quite weird.

1. I am a big sleeper, always was. It runs in my family, from my fathers side. Poor Mayke inherited it from me.
2. I am absolutely not able to remember instructions or a story when I hear it. No problems when I read it, so don't tell me stories.
3. I am a dreamer. I can even dream up whole travels. You must try it it's very cheap.
4. With the snap of a finger I can become a child when I am with one.
5. I don't take things at face value. I make up my own mind.

Five places I would like to visit or visit again
1. Home, which is still Holland. I am lucky to go there next year.
2. Italy. My most favourite country. Love the culture, countryside, people and food
3. Like UL I would like to visit the past with what I know now. Yep I know I needed some experiences to learn what I do know but if...
4. I also copy her to visit the future. Oh how I wish to see if my kids are doing fine.
5. Lots of other places. I would like to travel one day.

Five things I never imagined at 25

1. At the photo above I was 25 and celebrating carnaval with my youngest brother (and others). Partying was than the most important thing in my life. I didn't know that that would change completely.
2. I just ended a relationship with somebody I lived with for 5 years. I didn't know that one day I would marry somebody who was nearly the complete opposite
3. I just started a new job at an office and a marketing assistant course. I thought I would work forever. I had no idea that my live would one day completely devoted to my children and others.
4. I didn't know than that I was not shy and not stupid but that I had a learning disability. To help my children I enrolled in a correspondence course child psychology level 5,6,7 in English. (my worst subject at school) I found out half way that the course equalled year 1,2,3 university. How did I do.....all A's and B's
5. I never could have imagined that I would move to the other side of the world.
Feel free to use this meme on your blog or I might tag you when I visit.


  1. you are very welcome next year in Holland. we will have a party and go to an italian restaurant but first I come to New zealand in december. see you then!

  2. dreaming a whole travel :), I have to admit I too have done this :D

    Holland looks very beautiful, so does some paces in france and italy.. wish once in my life I get to stay there.. you know not just travel, stay and experience the culture.

    When I see at 25 and things that have changed for you, makes me wonder what things are going to change for me from now on :)

  3. Oh Marja you were as pretty at 25 as you are now!
    Thank you for sharing these bits of your earth walk!

  4. You CAN'T TAG me cos I already did mine.

    I hate doing them really ... :-)

  5. Great post,Marja!You know I like Holland too and maybe in October we drive to there again....

  6. I enjoyed reading these, Marja.:-)

  7. Dear Marja, thank you so much for playing this meme. I loved it...learnt so much more about you..That picture of you at 25 is know you always remind me of one of my best friends, from Holland, to be precise Rotterdam...some of the sentences you write kind of rings a bell, and reminds me of Annemarie and then I connect one and one and remember that you are both Dutch...thanks for this wonderful take..! Now on my way to Steve. :)

  8. Hi marja,
    How interesting to read what you do like, ehhhh when visiting Holland, we should meet one day rigt??? I'll hope your find some time. I see you also like Italy, in THAT countrie I lived also fo 6 years with my (that time) 'verloofde' but it ended haha.

    Sorry to read that you could not open the slideshow at work, (birdshouses) therefore I always add photo's (an overview) beside the slideshows...

    Today the Dutch Queens birthday, I thought you might like to see that.... Its OK when not,....

    Tomorrow I take part on Skywatch Friday, with the todayy STORM it was great to make photo's!!!

    See you sweet name mate,
    Dag lieve Marja :)

  9. ooops Marja,
    What's a 'meme'?
    I don't know what to do...
    maybe the same as you did?
    Name some facts about myself?

    Sorry, I don't know it all yet, I just started blogging for more people (public for everyone) the last half year( before I only blogged for family and friends, thata was so boring...)

    bye Nice to meet You!!!

  10. I've been to Holland 3 times and loved it, but whether I'd go back..., you have to wait for the meme, smile!

    I put up a new post, Marja that basically says that everything I write in the month of February will have a Winter Rose Trust banner attached with a link. That means this meme also. If you are opposed I will wait until March before doing the meme. Cancer Research first is important to me.

  11. Bert I already found a nice present for you you have to bring a long suitcase

    I am sure rambler you get a great life and I hope you get to visit these countries.

    Thanks little wing You are always so nice

    Steve I liked your meme

    Oh steffi have a great time there

    thanks seamus

    I feel honoured that I remind you of you friend UL I went to Rotterdam couple of times.

  12. These were nice honest answers. Lovely photos too. I will give it some thought, thank you for thinking of me.

  13. hi Marja! I'm all better now and the housework and everything else is caught up back to my favourite world...the blogging world!
    This is a really good meme and it was nice getting to know you better! You kicked butt in school!
    I don't have a problem becoming a kid when I'm around one either!
    Maybe I'll try this one out, I'll let ya know!

  14. Joann When I find time I surely visit you when I am in Holland. Will be in spring or summer next year.
    and about the meme Yes the same as I did. You don't have to do it though.

    Wynn I'de love to know if you go back to Holland but also why you got there in the first place (trip?) and of course I don't get in the way of a good cause. Do whatever you do and I will come and have a look

    Will look forward to yours Meggie

  15. Oh Jen I would love to read yours when you do one

  16. Nice knowing more about you.
    Btw you and me, the eyes on my blog are from one of my twins. She is called Ana Sofia.

  17. Did the meme!

  18. Great name so You got two beautiful eyed children quin. See you got a new picture as well

    I hop over Jen

  19. I love the pic of you at 25. I'll do it too if I get 5 mins to myself, hehe!

  20. Hi Marja. Really interesting answers. I don't think I ever told you that I have family in Holland -two lots in fact. Some in Zantforte ( probably spelt that wrong!)and others whom I quite often visit in Heemestede ( probably spelt that wrong too!)I love your country and always look forward to spending time there.

  21. Hi Marja,

    Als je naan Nederland gaat, maak een uitstapje naar Belgie.
    En ja de Italiaanse keuken is ook mijn favoriete keuken.
    Maar Oostenrijk is ook en mooi land.

  22. Marja, as I read all the comments I discovered how welcome you are wherever you go next year. Keep us up to date with your planning.

  23. I don't know if I could come up with 5 "weird facts" about me, so I haven't done this one.

  24. It is just a light hearted thing You don't have to do it Brad


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