Sunday, 24 February 2008

West Coast

Between Fox Glazier and Franz Josef Glazier we stopped to eat at the Buschman's centre. Usually people get eaten on the West Coast, by the sandfly above. Luckily they hang this huge one. The normal version is teeny weeny.

In the centre you can eat, drink and there is a little museum and shop and they have a few animals around the place. The deer brown eyes smiled at me.

The centre is in Pukekura, the smallest town on the West Coast with a population of two. They make use of natural resources. These stools are covered with possums which are a pest in NZ.

Just past Hokatika we took the road inlands over Athur's Pass and discovered a Moa on the top somewhere. We reached Christchurch around the evening.


  1. that deer is incredible. Very noble!!!

  2. there is so much more to discover for me and everytime you publish more about New Zealand, the feeling gets stronger to go again.
    see you in December !!!

  3. Oh my!
    What a post!
    The deer is beautiful!
    I have honestly never heard of a Moa!
    What a strange looking creature, I will look it up!!!!!
    Population two?????????

  4. What an amazing photo the deer one is. Loved to read your words also.

  5. GORGEOUS...well the possoms are kind of gross ;~)
    I'm off to look up a Moa on the internet. Never heard or seen one before...Thank goodness you identified it cuz Hubby and I were staring at, trying to figure out what kind of animal it was!

  6. Oh such a real beautiful picture of a deer. I saw some deers in the abbey of Mol Postel in Belgium previous year but that is not comparable with this one.

    Wat een mooie foto's! Prachtig Marja!

  7. Wow...great pictures!I never saw such animal!


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